Advanced Shipping Manager

Leave shipping limitations behind with the Advanced Shipping Manager by KingWebmaster. This revolutionary tool was designed to completely change the way shipping rules are handled in Yahoo! Stores. Now, it is available on not only Yahoo!, but also Miva Merchant and Commerce V3. It will soon be available on 3D Cart and Magento as well. The latest version, V2, is equipped with 21 standard features and 13 optional add-ons. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

The Advanced Shipping Manager comes standard with a multitude of indispensable features. From Shipping Courier Backup to Real-Time Rates to Hybrid Shipping Rates, you will have the ability to set shipping rules unique to the way you do business. Thatís just the beginning, Origin Zip Codes, Dimensional Shipping and Dropshipper markups are all included too.

If you want to go all out, pick and choose your favorites from the add-on features. Shoppers expect Shipping Calculators and Delivery Date Estimators. Today, online shoppers are accustomed to seeing all the shipping charges and delivery methods/arrival dates immediately. If you donít have that information available, thereís a good chance they will just go somewhere else.

The Advance Shipping Manager was developed with todayís Store owner in mind. Designed to anticipate complex shipping scenarios, this powerful system allows you to increase profits by ensuring your customers get the lowest, most accurate shipping rates while you keep your costs down. Simple and seamless integration at checkout makes sure your customers enjoy an effortless user interface and that they are charged the most accurate shipping rates around.

Unmatched flexibility, cutting edge technology and pinpoint accuracy are waiting for you. Give us a call today to learn how your store, and your bottom line can benefit from the Advanced Shipping Manager.

The Advanced Shipping Manager works seamlessly with our store and provides us all of the tools and we need to manage our shipping costs and rates. It's totally changed the way we think about and manage shipping. Our staff loves using the Advanced Shipping Manager, and our customers love the interface and features.
McKane Davis President,
Advanced Shipping Manager
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