Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Address Validation

Many store owners have no idea how much they are wasting on corrected address fees. Did you know that UPS and FedEx both charge $10.00 for each corrected address shipped by ground and $11.00 per package shipped via air?

Undeliverable packages are often the result of simple mistakes, but account for a huge portion of lost profits for business of all sizes.

KingWebmaster's Address Validation system verifies AND corrects your customer's shipping address by ensuring the street name and number, city, state and zip code have been entered correctly.

During the checkout process, our system will authenticate every address entered into your store. If an error is detected, our system will display suggestions of corrected, valid shipping addresses to ensure successful first time delivery of your packages.

This Address Validation tool can radically reduce the unnecessary shipping and customer service costs associated with invalid and flawed shipping addresses.

Don't pay the price for your customer’s mistakes; stop wasting money on corrected address fees and protect your bottom line with Address Validation by KingWebmaster.

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“Since implementation of KingWebmaster’s Address Validation tool, our address correction and delay in shipment have improved tremendously. Our UPS bill for address correction shrunk drastically, gaining applause from our VP of Accounting. Not to mention time/cost saving on overheads; minimized my CSR staff spent on customer callbacks and utilized my warehouse/shipping processing time efficiency… I’ve reviewed and researched number of similar webtools for ShoppingCart address validation this past year, similar solutions cost a lot more and integration requirement was a bit involved. Implementation of KingWebmaster's tool was seamless and goLive was instant. The service has been working great on our flagship Y!Store, I plan on rolling it out to my other webstore(s)…”
Wen Hsu,

$50/month for non- Advanced Shipping Manager clients.
$15/month for Advanced Shipping Manager clients.

If you have 5 or more address corrections per month, this will pay for itself! If you have our Advanced Shipping Manager, then all it takes is 2 address corrections!
Address Validation for Yahoo! Stores
Address Validation
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