"ID","PATH","TYPE","TEMPLATE","NAME","IMAGE","BANNER-IMAGE","CODE","HEADLINE","CAPTION","INFO","SHORT-DESCRIPTION","SHORT-NAME","CONTENTS","ABSTRACT" "YARNSUPPLY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "VAUGHNSFURNITURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "SCRAPBOOKSUPERCENTER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "HITRUNSCORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "DIVAENTERTAINS-COM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "SVC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "BUDGETMAILBOXES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "BEADSNAP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "PERFUME-WORLDWIDE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/perfume-worldwide-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WOMENSSUITS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "SAVEONTIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "PHOTOSILK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/photosilk-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PLUSHFRIENDS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/plushfriends-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TELECOMEX","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "CLUBMANONLINE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/clubmanonline-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NATURECHEST","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "RAIDENTECH","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "TARPSPLUS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "ACECANOPY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "MYGOWNS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "LIFESVIGOR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "COLLECTOR-CONNECTION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/collector-connection-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LOLLYSMITH","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/lollysmith-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DELIGHTFULTOYS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/delightfultoys-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AEROQUIPFACTORYDIRECT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "WETSUITRENTAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wetsuitrental-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TSHIRTHUB","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "ABCCABLES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/abccables-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EXOTICHIGHHEELS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "SIMPLYPLUMBING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "BIGBRANDWATER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/bigbrandwater-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PETGUYS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "GROOVYCARTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "MYDREAMDECOR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "WHOLESALELINENS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "TROPHYCENTRAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","","" "4THEGRILL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","4 The Grill","","","","","","","","","","" "404","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","404 - Sorry - Invalid Page.","","","","","","404 Error.
Sorry, but you seem to have reached this page in error. Please visit our website at http://www.kingwebmaster.com","","","","" "4PSITE-LINK-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","4Psite Link","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/4psite-link-9.jpg","4psite-link-yahoo-nil","","4PL (4PsiteLink) is an innovative & cost-effective web based Advanced Order Manager system. It automatically retrieves all orders from popular shopping carts and leading market places such as Yahoo! Stores, eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Shop.com, DOBA, and many more.

4PL Order Management System streamlines all your process: order processing, shipping, automatic separation and transmission of orders to drop shipping/fulfillment, central inventory management, purchasing, returns management and inventory notifications, CRM, manual orders and QuickBooks integration.

4PL also includes integrated eBay lister, Facebook store and more in one affordable package. 4PL elevates your logistics efficiency, increases your sales and provides better management, information and interaction with your customers.

Orders can be shipped using USPS/Endicia Label Server Web Service and other leading carriers. The shipping module is fully integrated into the 4PL system. The automated multi-carrier shipping module is presents negotiated price comparisons to choose, click, create and print your postage in your browser. You can also use this label/postage printing module as a stand alone solution.

4Psite is a Yahoo! Authorized Developer. To learn more, visit 4PsiteLink.com . ","","","","","Get organized with 4PsiteLink, a web based order management system that streamlines and simplifies the way you run your business." "911HEALTHSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","911 Health Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/911-health-shop-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ALITTLEBITOFITALY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","A Little Bit Of Italy","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/a-little-bit-of-italy-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ABOUT","Contact Us:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","About","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/about-10.jpg","about","","KingWebmaster is a full service internet development company founded for e-commerce merchants, by e-commerce merchants. Dissatisfied with the options and functionalities available to online retailers, George Chityat and Dan Rotem joined forces and shifted their focus from operating successful e-commerce businesses to creating websites and applications that combine the functionality that store owners needed with the usability that shoppers were looking for.

Today, KingWebmaster is comprised of inventive designers and innovative programmers with extensive experience in RTML, PHP and JavaScript who are dedicated to producing quality features and enhancements made to optimize your e-commerce store. Our client roster features many retailers in the Inc. Top 500 - 5000 list and the Internet Retailer top 500 list. However, whether you have a company of 1 or 1,000, you can rest assured knowing that we strive to provide the same top-notch, personalized service to all clients, regardless of the size of the company or the project.

For several years, we have been an official Yahoo! Small Business Partner and are listed under multiple categories in the Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Developer Network, including Advanced Site Design/Set-Up and Advanced Features. Our dedication and experience are just a couple reasons why Yahoo! Store owners come to us to solve the complex problems that no other developer can.

We take pride in providing top quality store add-ons and design backed by quality programming while keeping customer support accessible and accommodating. We tackle each idea or problem you bring us with a fresh perspective so we can create the most effective solution for your store. At KingWebmaster, we are able to “master the impossible” because we think outside the box.

If you think it – we can do it!

200 Knuth Rd.
Suite 232
Boynton Beach, FL 33436
Telephone: 888-546-4932
Email: support@kingwebmaster.com
","","","","","" "ACCESSDOORSDIRECT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Access Doors Direct","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/access-doors-direct-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ACCESSORYGEEKS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Accessory Geeks","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/accessory-geeks-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ACCURATEWHOLESALEPRODUCTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","accurate","","","accuratewholesaleproducts","","","","","","","" "YAHOO-LEGACY-STORE-ADD-PROPERTIES","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Add Custom Properties To Yahoo! Legacy Store","","","yahoo-legacy-store-add-properties","","","","Save time managing your Yahoo! Legacy Store. This service will automatically include custom properties for each item instead of clicking from page to page to make manual additions for each item. Additionally, all of your new pages will also include your new custom properties.","","","Automatically include custom properties for each item instead of clicking from page to page to make manual additions for each item." "CHECK-ADDRESS-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Address Validation ","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/address-validation-11.jpg","check-address-yahoo","","Many store owners have no idea how much they are wasting on corrected address fees. Did you know that UPS and FedEx both charge $10.00 for each corrected address shipped by ground and $11.00 per package shipped via air?

Undeliverable packages are often the result of simple mistakes, but account for a huge portion of lost profits for business of all sizes.

KingWebmaster's Address Validation system verifies AND corrects your customer's shipping address by ensuring the street name and number, city, state and zip code have been entered correctly.

During the checkout process, our system will authenticate every address entered into your store. If an error is detected, our system will display suggestions of corrected, valid shipping addresses to ensure successful first time delivery of your packages.

This Address Validation tool can radically reduce the unnecessary shipping and customer service costs associated with invalid and flawed shipping addresses.

Don't pay the price for your customer’s mistakes; stop wasting money on corrected address fees and protect your bottom line with Address Validation by KingWebmaster.

“Since implementation of KingWebmaster’s Address Validation tool, our address correction and delay in shipment have improved tremendously. Our UPS bill for address correction shrunk drastically, gaining applause from our VP of Accounting. Not to mention time/cost saving on overheads; minimized my CSR staff spent on customer callbacks and utilized my warehouse/shipping processing time efficiency… I’ve reviewed and researched number of similar webtools for ShoppingCart address validation this past year, similar solutions cost a lot more and integration requirement was a bit involved. Implementation of KingWebmaster's tool was seamless and goLive was instant. The service has been working great on our flagship Y!Store, I plan on rolling it out to my other webstore(s)…”
Wen Hsu, Organize.com

$50/month for non- Advanced Shipping Manager clients.
$15/month for Advanced Shipping Manager clients.

If you have 5 or more address corrections per month, this will pay for itself! If you have our Advanced Shipping Manager, then all it takes is 2 address corrections!
","","","","","Put an end to costly and unnecessary Address Correction fees with Address Validation for Yahoo! Stores." "ADVANCED-SEARCH-YAHOO-STORE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Advanced Search","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/advanced-search-26.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/advanced-search-27.jpg","advanced-search-yahoo-store-rtml","","","","Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for by allowing them to search your Yahoo! Store using specific search categories.

Customers will be able to search using a product name or description, a product code, by price range, by color, by style or whatever other category you would like to include.

","","","We’ll customize filters and appearance to make your advanced search unique to your Yahoo! Store." "ADVANCED-SHIPPING-MANAGER-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Advanced Shipping Manager","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/advanced-shipping-manager-17.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/advanced-shipping-manager-18.jpg","advanced-shipping-manager-yahoo","","Leave shipping limitations behind with the Advanced Shipping Manager by KingWebmaster. This revolutionary tool was designed to completely change the way shipping rules are handled in Yahoo! Stores. Now, it is available on not only Yahoo!, but also Miva Merchant and Commerce V3. It will soon be available on 3D Cart and Magento as well. The latest version, V2, is equipped with 21 standard features and 13 optional add-ons. The possibilities are virtually limitless!

The Advanced Shipping Manager comes standard with a multitude of indispensable features. From Shipping Courier Backup to Real-Time Rates to Hybrid Shipping Rates, you will have the ability to set shipping rules unique to the way you do business. That’s just the beginning, Origin Zip Codes, Dimensional Shipping and Dropshipper markups are all included too.

If you want to go all out, pick and choose your favorites from the add-on features. Shoppers expect Shipping Calculators and Delivery Date Estimators. Today, online shoppers are accustomed to seeing all the shipping charges and delivery methods/arrival dates immediately. If you don’t have that information available, there’s a good chance they will just go somewhere else.

The Advance Shipping Manager was developed with today’s Store owner in mind. Designed to anticipate complex shipping scenarios, this powerful system allows you to increase profits by ensuring your customers get the lowest, most accurate shipping rates while you keep your costs down. Simple and seamless integration at checkout makes sure your customers enjoy an effortless user interface and that they are charged the most accurate shipping rates around.

Unmatched flexibility, cutting edge technology and pinpoint accuracy are waiting for you. Give us a call today to learn how your store, and your bottom line can benefit from the Advanced Shipping Manager.

The Advanced Shipping Manager works seamlessly with our store and provides us all of the tools and we need to manage our shipping costs and rates. It's totally changed the way we think about and manage shipping. Our staff loves using the Advanced Shipping Manager, and our customers love the interface and features.
McKane Davis President, Scrapbook.com ","","","Advanced Shipping Manager","","The Advanced Shipping Manager allows you to take control of your shipping with pinpoint accuracy. " "ADVANTAGEBRIDAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Advantage Bridal","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/advantage-bridal-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AFFORDABLEVINTAGEJEWELRY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Affordable Vintage Jewelry","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/affordable-vintage-jewelry-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AIRGUNDEPOT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Air Gun Depot","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/air-gun-depot-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ALLHEART","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","All Heart","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/all-heart-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ALLTHINGSJEEP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","All Things Jeep","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/all-things-jeep-12.jpg","","allthingsjeep","","","","","","","" "ALLVITAMINSPLUS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","All Vitamins Plus","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/all-vitamins-plus-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ALLERGYBEGONE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Allergy Be Gone","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/allergy-be-gone-10.jpg","","allergybegone","","","","","","","" "ALWAYSFORME","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Always For Me","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/always-for-me-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AMBIENTSW","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Ambient SW","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ambient-sw-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AMBIENTWEATHER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Ambient Weather","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ambient-weather-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AMERICANBRIDAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","American Bridal","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/american-bridal-11.jpg","","americanbridal","","","","","","","" "AMERICAN-CLASSROOM-SUPPLY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","American Classroom Supply","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/american-classroom-supply-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AMERICANMUSCLE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","American Muscle","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/american-muscle-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ANIMALWORLDNETWORK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Animal World Network","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/animal-world-network-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ATLASHOMEWARES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Atlas Homewares","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/atlas-homewares-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AUTISMFINEJEWELRY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Autism Fine Jewelry","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/autism-fine-jewelry-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AUTISMTHINGS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Autism Things","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/autism-things-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-AUTOMOTIVE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Automotive","","","","","","","","","allthingsjeep saddlebackgolfcars xccessory yourautotrim avmro beemerboneyard presentsforpilots aeroquipfactorydirect divaentertains-com ","" "AVALARA","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Avalara Sales Tax Calculations","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/avalara-sales-tax-calculations-6.jpg","avatax","","We've teamed up with Avalara to offer you accurate sales tax rates for your Yahoo! Store. Merchants are now able to get the most accurate sales tax rate by using AvaTax. Avalara provides the easiest, most accurate and affordable way for businesses to address all of their statutory sales and use tax requirements end to end.

Learn more at http://www.avalara.com.

To get started, please contact Avalara at 877-780-4848, or KingWebmaster at 888-546-4932. ","","","","","Stop struggling with sales tax rates, AvaTax by Avalara makes it simple and keeps it accurate." "AVERYANDSAGE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Avery & Sage","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/avery-sage-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AVMRO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Avmro","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/avmro-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AWARENESSDEPOT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Awareness Depot","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/awareness-depot-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "AWTY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Awty Maps","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/awty-maps-11.jpg","","awty","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-BABY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Baby","","","","","","","","","prettybabygifts simplybabystuff theshowerfoundry totsroom babydreams babynaturale mybabyshowerfavors tentoes-org babyshowerstuff ","" "BABYDREAMS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Baby Dreams","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/baby-dreams-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BABYNATURALE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Baby Naturale","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/baby-naturale-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BABYSHOWERSTUFF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Baby Shower Stuff","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/baby-shower-stuff-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BAGS-PURSES-TOTES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Bags Purses Totes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/bags-purses-totes-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BAKERSRACKCO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Baker's Rack Co.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/baker-s-rack-co-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BARNESANDWAGNER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Barnes and Wagner","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/barnes-and-wagner-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BATTERYJUNCTION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Battery Junction","","","","","","","","","","" "BEEMERBONEYARD","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Beemer Boneyard","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/beemer-boneyard-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BELTOUTLET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Belt Outlet","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/belt-outlet-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BEST-EYE-VITAMIN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Best Eye Vitamin","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/best-eye-vitamin-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BEST-FOLDING-TABLES-AND-CHAIRS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Best Folding Tables And Chairs","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/best-folding-tables-and-chairs-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BETATHETAPIGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Beta Theta Pi Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/beta-theta-pi-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BEYOND-BEDDING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Beyond Bedding","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/beyond-bedding-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BIBLEGLOSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Bible Glo Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/bible-glo-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BIGDOTOFHAPPINESS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Big Dot of Happiness","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/big-dot-of-happiness-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BIGDOTWHOLESALE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Big Dot Wholesale","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/big-dot-wholesale-11.jpg","","bigdotwholesale","","","","","","","" "BIRTHDAYANDANNIVERSARYGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Birthday and Anniversary Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/birthday-and-anniversary-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BLANKETSNMORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Blankets 'n More","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/blankets-n-more-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BLOG","","LINK.","","Blog","","","","","","","","","","" "BONNY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Bonny","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/bonny-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BOOKMARK-LINK-RTML","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Bookmark Link","","","bookmark-link-rtml","","","","Create a link directly on your page to allow your visitors to easily add you to their list of favorites. Not only does this encourage visitors to bookmark your page, the one-click action takes no effort and makes it easy for them to return to your store in the future. ","","","Create a link directly on your page to allow your visitors to easily add you to their list of favorites." "BOXANDWRAP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Box and Wrap","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/box-and-wrap-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BRANDSPLACE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Brands Place","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/brands-place-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BREADCRUMBS-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Breadcrumbs","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/breadcrumbs-6.jpg","breadcrumbs-yahoo-rtml","","The importance of Breadcrumbs in E-commerce sites can’t be emphasized enough. They are key to guiding visitors around your Yahoo! Store. The staggering amount of categories and items typically found in an online store can sometimes confuse shoppers. When they can’t find what they are looking for, the potential for them to leave your store greatly increases.

The term Breadcrumb comes from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, the children who leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest so they don’t get lost. In your Yahoo! Store, Breadcrumbs serve the same purpose; shoppers can trace their steps, or clicks, back through the different product categories. This allows them to easily “drill down” into the depths of your product categories to find what they are searching for.

Breadcrumbs are also an important part of increasing your store’s SEO. Search engines love links and the Breadcrumbs link pages together that may not normally be linked. All of these factors work together to significantly reduce the amount of clicks, or actions, a shopper needs to execute in order to navigate through your store. This can reduce your bounce rate while keeping all of your products neatly organized and easy to find. ","","Show each customer the path he took to get to the page he is viewing and now he'll be able to back-track easily. This feature will also boost your SEO by adding keywords and link text. ","","","Increase usability by using Breadcrumbs so customers can back-track easily. Breadcrumbs can also enhance SEO by linking pages that may not normally be linked." "BRICKHOUSESECURITY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Brick House Security","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/brick-house-security-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BRIDALWEDDINGFAVORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Bridal Wedding Favors","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/bridal-wedding-favors-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BRIDESVILLAGE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Brides Village","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/brides-village-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BRPBOXSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","BRP Box Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/brp-box-shop-12.jpg","","brpboxshop","","","","","","","" "BUTCHERBLOCKCO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Butcher Block Co.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/butcher-block-co-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CALIFORNIABLOOMS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","California Blooms","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/california-blooms-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CAMPSMARTER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Camp Smarter","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/camp-smarter-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CANDLELIGHTDESIGNS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Candle Light Designs","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/candle-light-designs-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CANDLESANDSUCH","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Candles & Such","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/candles-such-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CANOPIESANDTARPS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Canopies and Tarps","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/canopies-and-tarps-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CASE-STUDIES-YAHOO","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Case Studies","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/case-studies-4.jpg","case-studies-yahoo",""," ***CaliforniaBlooms.com - California Blooms is a family owned and operated company based in California that sells boutique roses grown in Central California. They partner with family owned growers and ship hand selected fresh roses from the farm to the doorstep in 24 hours.

The Problem - Shipping fragile, climate sensitive roses is not an easy thing to do - orders must ship FedEx next day air and have an order cut off time. Further complicating things is the fact that California Blooms utilizes drop shippers. This is to ensure their customers receive the freshest bouquets shipped with minimal transit time. It’s also common for orders to be placed in advance with a specific arrival date for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Making sure the orders were categorized properly and sent to the proper location was quite a chore.

Our Solution - We built a system to analyze the orders to decide which drop shipper to send the order to. If it is an advance order, the system will mark it as “pending” for a future ship date. Every night, this information is released in a file and distributed to the appropriate drop shippers. Our system also allows for the custom labels and cards that accompany the flowers to be printed out automatically.

***FunToCollect.com - Fun To Collect is a store specializing in a huge selection of collectable items, gifts, costumes and party supplies.

The Problem - With an inventory of over 18,000 items, you can imagine the wide range of sizes and weights that have to be considered when setting up the shipping methods. Fun to Collect wanted to use USPS as the default shipping method for small, light items and UPS for larger, heavier items. If they could figure out a way to prevent customers from choosing UPS for the small items, it would really improve their bottom line.

Our Solution - We simply built a shipping method blocker to block the USPS option if the order is over $14.99.

***OfficialCostumes.com - Official Costumes is a large e-retailer with 11 websites. They keep stock in their own warehouse as well as relying on drop shippers for additional items.

The Problem - With such a vast inventory and variety of warehouses and suppliers, keeping track of inventory was a major issue. They were relying on a manual order process; when an order was placed, they had to check to see if an item was in stock before they could fulfill the order. If the item was in stock, they would have to send Purchase Orders to every supplier to fulfill the orders. As you can imagine, this took up an incredible amount of time.

Our Solution - We automated their inventory system by customizing the Real-Time system to monitor their inventory and their supplier’s inventory. We implemented a supply inventory availability feed to keep the inventory constantly updated. Orders are only allowed to be placed for in stock items. Once the order is placed, the system automatically forwards the order data to the suppliers. This reduced the manual intervention to zero and reduced customer service calls by 80%! With our Real Time system, there was no need for customer service to contact customers who placed orders for out of stock items.

***TriSports.com - TriSports.com is a forward thinking company that sells a wide range of gear for triathletes, runners, swimmers and cyclists. In addition to offering retail goods, they also have a sponsorship program and an active education section on their website.

The Problem - They needed to connect their Real Time Inventory system to the store and have the ability to customize and add fields to pass more order related data to the Mail Order Manager without affecting the export.

Our Solution - We created an export that has 148 columns for data verses the standard 71 Yahoo! uses to export to the Mail Order Manager. It pushes MOMs inventory to our system in real time. The extra columns are used for additional information such as, encryption and personalization, gift certificates and messages, comments and PayPal related information. It also provides for proper validation to shipping addresses and telephone numbers. Customers are free to name shipping methods as they wish-this is a major restriction in Yahoo!’s export to MOM. Yahoo!’s export only provides for three fields to choose from-USPS, UPS and Fed Ex. This leaves options for UPS 2nd day and FedEx next day left out and denies the customer of choosing from all possible shipping methods. These changes eliminated the labor intensive order process TriSports was dealing with and kept out of stock items from appearing on the page. ","","","","","" "CCGARMORY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","CCG Armory","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ccg-armory-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CELEBRITYGIFT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Celebrity Gift","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/celebrity-gift-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "INVENTORY-SYSTEM-STOCK-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Centrifuge Inventory System","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/centrifuge-inventory-system-7.jpg","inventory-system-stock-yahoo",""," Watch the Centrifuge Introductory Webinar!

***** CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE A DEMO - 888.546.4932 *****

Centrifuge Inventory System by KingWebmaster is a web-based tool that connects your Yahoo! Store to Dropshippers and Suppliers, all in Real-Time. Not using a 3rd party order management system? No problem. Centrifuge contains a proprietary inventory manager that lets you take advantage of the top features associated with order management systems. Centrifuge creates a hub of information that allows you to monitor complex logistical and reporting information from a centralized control panel, all from anywhere in the world.

Centrifuge also improves the overall usability and enhances customer experience by displaying Real-Time Stock Status right on your item pages while giving your customers the option of signing up to receive a Back-in-Stock Notification. Real-Time Stock Status gives shoppers the information they need to buy while reducing hours spent with customer service calls and emails. The Back-in-Stock Notification feature allows shoppers to enter their email address so they can be automatically notified when an out of stock product they want to order is available. This encourages them to return to your store to place an order instead of going to another merchant to order the item.

An invaluable tool for multi-channel sellers, Centrifuge communicates with dropshippers, warehouses and order management systems to securely transmit stock and order status updates directly to your Yahoo! Store. Seamless integration with top order managers such as Stone Edge, Order Motion, 4P Site Link, Supermanager and many others makes Centrifuge an indispensable tool for any e-commerce store.

Centrifuge’s proprietary Order Manager includes timesaving features such as;

*The ability to view inventory by category
*Sort inventory by name, code or quantity
*A built in search feature
*Add supplier SKUs to products
*Indefinite stock setting for easy to get items
*Set your cost for each item
*Stock reports
*Holding cost reports

Give yourself an edge over the competition by implementing Centrifuge with Real-Time Stock Status in your Yahoo! Store. Contact us today for more information or to get started. ","","","","","Take charge of your stock by allowing us to create a custom inventory system that meets all of your needs." "CHEAPCHUX","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Cheap Chux","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/cheap-chux-11.jpg","","cheapchux","","","","","","","" "CHEFKNIVESTOGO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chef Knives To Go","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/chef-knives-to-go-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CHELSEAMARKETBASKET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chelsea Market Basket","","","chelseamarketbasket","","","","","","","" "CHIOMEGASHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chi Omega Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/chi-omega-shop-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CHIMESETC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chimes Etc.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/chimes-etc-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CHOWDAHEADZ","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chowda Headz","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/chowda-headz-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CHRISTIANGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Christian Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/christian-gear-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CHRONICOUTFITTERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Chronic Outfitters","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/chronic-outfitters-10.jpg","","chronicoutfitters","","","","","","","" "CLONEWARSCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Cloe Wars Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/cloe-wars-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-CLOTHING---ACCESSORIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Clothing & Accessories","","","","","","","","","chronicoutfitters denovohair greekgear langstons allheart lingerie seattlesunglass voguewigs alwaysforme bags-purses-totes medelita beltoutlet denimexpress edressme edressmeprom embroiderthis gojane nationalityshop pinkprincess thesunglasshouse whatshebuys mygowns tshirthub saveonties womenssuits exotichighheels ","" "COFFEEAM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Coffee AM","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/coffee-am-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "COMFORTHOUSE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Comfort House","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/comfort-house-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MOM-EXPORT","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Complete MOM Export","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/complete-mom-export-7.jpg","MOMEX","","Completely export all order details including credit card data from your Yahoo store for use in the Mail Order Manager (MOM).

Unfortunately, MOM does not integrate very well with Yahoo Stores. This system will export the entire order data as well as data that is not normally included in Yahoo's CSV exports such as comments, PayPal, email address, properly formatted phone numbers, credit card data, and others. In addition, our system will eliminate the need to use MOM's three character identifiers for shipping methods in your store's shipping method names.

This system supports multiple stores and will automatically get the data from all your stores without the need to go to each store individually.","","","","","Completely export all order details including credit card data from Yahoo! Stores to MOM." "YAHOO-STORE-BACKUP-EXPORT","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Complete Yahoo! Store Backup/Export","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/complete-yahoo-store-backup-export-5.jpg","yahoo-store-backup-export","","Protect all the hard work that has gone into your Yahoo! Store by letting us do a complete backup.

Included in the backup: ","","","","","Sleep better at night knowing that we've provided you with a backup of your entire store." "CONTACTUS","Support:","RAW-HTML.","X2-RAW-HTML.","Contact Form","","","","","","","","","","" "CONTACT","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Contact Us","","","","","","

By Telephone
Toll Free: 888-KING-WEB (546-4932)


KingWebmaster, LLC
200 Knuth Rd.
Suite 232
Boynton Beach, FL 33436

","","","","" "CONTACTSLAND","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Contacts Land","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/contacts-land-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CSS-TABLELESS-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Convert to Tableless CSS","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/convert-to-tableless-css-6.jpg","css-tableless-yahoo-rtml","","The use of Tableless CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets is a much more efficient way to code your website. Tableless CSS defines how the HTML elements in your Yahoo! Store are displayed. This includes positioning, layout, fonts, colors and style information. This information is usually saved in an external file. When you want to make a site-wide change, it only needs to be done once – in the external file. The changes are then implemented across the entire website. This results in a lot less work and uses a lot less code. CSS is W3S (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant. The W3S works towards the implementation of standards and practices to ensure consistency throughout the internet.

Visitors to your Yahoo! Store will also notice a difference. They may not know it’s CSS, but they will notice how the site loads. Regular HTML pages render every page one at a time. Tableless CSS allows the browser to cache the Style Sheets, this allows all the pages to load much quicker. Quicker load time can increase the pages a visitor sees and also help reduce bounces and abandonment. Who has time for a slow loading e-commerce page? Contact us today for more information.

For more information on the benefits of converting to tableless CSS, click here.","","","","","Make your site more efficient with CSS, less code means pages will load quicker and you will spend less time on maintenance. " "COOL-PARTY-FAVORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Cool Party Favors","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/cool-party-favors-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "COOLSTUFFCHEAP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Cool Stuff Cheap","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/cool-stuff-cheap-15.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "COPY-WRITING","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Copywriting","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/copywriting-4.jpg","copy-writing-services","","Even after you've called it a day, your web copy is still hard at work attracting search engines and converting shoppers.

Or is it?

For some, the thought of putting pen to paper-or fingers to keyboard, is enough to cause an instant brain freeze. That's okay; you have better things to do with your time. But, your copy isn't going to write itself.

It can get quite overwhelming. Writing landing pages, about us pages, privacy pages, and then there are your product descriptions-tons and tons of product descriptions! Factor in your blog, newsletter and any marketing articles and suddenly your copywriting is a full-time job itself.

All projects, big and small are welcomed. All work is performed in house by native English speakers. If you don't see what you are looking for below, feel free to contact us for more information.

*Web Copy
*Case Studies
*Email marketing
*Blog Posts,Ghost Blogging
*Marketing Articles
*Editing, Proofing
*About Us Pages
*Biography's, Profiles, Company History
*Product Descriptions, Product Spotlights
*Brochure Copy ","","","","","" "COUNTDOWN-CALENDAR-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Countdown Calendar","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/countdown-calendar-14.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/countdown-calendar-15.jpg","countdown-calendar-yahoo","","Display a customized icon in your Yahoo! Store pages that will let visitors know how much time they have left to shop before a holiday or the end of a promotion. Whether it's the holiday season or a time-sensitive promotion, generate some excitement and convert those shoppers into buyers.

Try pairing a Countdown Calendar with the Promo Manager to really see your sales skyrocket! ","","","","","Whether it's the holiday season or a time-sensitive promotion, generate some excitement and convert those visitors into customers." "CREATIVEKIDSTUFF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Creative Kid Stuff","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/creative-kid-stuff-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-CULTURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Culture","","","","","","","","","punk madisonartshop christiangear guidogear playbillstore portfolios-and-art-cases shakespearesden alittlebitofitaly bibleglostore justirishstuff ","" "ADD-TO-CART-BUTTON-DESIGN-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Add to Cart Button","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-add-to-cart-button-16.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-add-to-cart-button-17.jpg","add-to-cart-button-design-yahoo","","","","Our design team will work with you to create a custom designed ""add to cart"" button.","","","Do you have a plain ""Add to Cart"" button? Let our designers create one designed specifically for your Yahoo! Store." "CUSTOM-BRACELETS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Bracelets","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-bracelets-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CUSTOM-NAVIGATION-MENUS-YAHOO","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Navigation Menus","","","custom-navigation-menus-yahoo","","","","Make your navigation menu unique to your store and let us customize the menu’s categories and subcategories to your specifications while keeping it SEO friendly. ","","","" "ENHANCED-OPTIONS-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Options","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-options-6.jpg","enhanced-options-yahoo-rtml","","Customize your store’s options with your choice of radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdowns.

We can even make sure that the options that increase the price of an item look more professional by adding customized text.
For example: Your customers will see ""Red - Add $10.00"" instead of Yahoo's default ""Red (+$10.00)"".","","Customize your store’s options into radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdowns. We can also make sure that options that increase the price of an item look more professional by adding customized text, for example: your customers will see ""Red- Add $10.00"" instead of Yahoo's default ""Red (+$10.00).""","","","Customize your store’s options into radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdowns to give your site a polished look." "ORDER-CONFIRMATION-EMAIL-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Order Confirmation Emails","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-order-confirmation-emails-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-order-confirmation-emails-19.jpg","order-confirmation-email-rtml","","","","Sending your customers friendly, customized order confirmation emails gives them a record of their order and keeps them comfortable and confident with your Yahoo! Store.

You can customize the body of the email by including: ","","","Keep your customers in the loop with customized order confirmation emails. This keeps them informed and saves you time. " "PRODUCT-CONFIGURATOR-YAHOO-STORES","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Product Configurator","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-product-configurator-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-product-configurator-19.jpg","product-configurator-yahoo-stores","","","","With KingWebmaster's Custom Product Configurator, your customers will be able to build a custom product tailored to their exact specifications. By adding one item at a time, they will be able to create one of a kind gift baskets or gift boxes. You can even offer a sampler pack of nuts, teas or any other perishable product you carry in your Yahoo! Store.

By setting “rules” for each piece, you avoid product incompatibility. As each piece is added, the price is accounted for and will appear as one item for a total cost in the cart.

Click on the link to the left to see how Superior Nuts uses the Custom Product Configurator to allow customers to create unique assortments of their popular dried fruits and nuts.","","","Your customers will be able to build a customized product by combining individual items from your Yahoo! Store. " "CUSTOM-PHP-RTML-PROGRAMMING","Services:","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom RTML, PHP, and MySQL Programming for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-rtml-php-and-mysql-programming-for-yahoo-stores-12.jpg","","","","","KingWebmaster specializes in custom RTML and PHP coding. In fact, our knack for creating inventive solutions for Yahoo! Stores is how we got our start.

The Yahoo! platform for small businesses is based on their proprietary programming language called RTML. While programmers may be a dime a dozen, finding a programmer who knows RTML can be harder to come by. Our programmers have solid training and strong backgrounds with real-world experience programming in this unique language. This means your Yahoo! Store will be backed by efficient, effective and W3C compliant code .

Yahoo! Store owners often find themselves contacting KingWebmaster when other developers can’t offer a specialized solution - and our programmers love finding a way to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Below, you will find a small sampling of custom programming projects we have done.

-Do you offer engraving or customized products and wish there was a way for shoppers to see exactly what their item will look like? We did just that for GreekGear.com. Customers can see their changes in real-time as they adjust the text, change fonts and even colors. Try it out now.

-Do you sell products that shoppers have to frequently reorder? We built an order module for EntirelyPets.com that automatically ships recurring orders. This gives your customers the option to place a single order, or to choose how frequently they would like their order to repeat. This also gives you the opportunity to encourage them to choose the recurring order option by offering a product discount.

-For SuperiorNutStore.com , we customized the shopping cart to allow customers to assign different shipping addresses for separate items that are in the cart. This is a huge time saver - especially during the holidays. Imagine a customer ordering for 5-10 different people with different shipping addresses. Without this customization, they would have to place separate orders and check-out for each different address they are shipping to.

-Have all of your sales data in one easy to read report? We created a reporting system for GreekGear.com that scans the orders placed in all of their stores and generates a monthly report that is based on their particular item groups – fraternity or sorority items. The report shows data such as how many items sold, the value of the items and other specialized information they requested.

With custom programming, the sky really is the limit and you can offer your customers functionalities they can’t get anywhere else. You can also make it a little easier on yourself by improving the way you manage your Yahoo! Store.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you. ","","Custom Programming","","" "CUSTOM-YAHOO-STORE-DESIGN","Services:Yahoo! Store Design:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Custom Yahoo! Store","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/custom-yahoo-store-18.jpg","custom-yahoo-store-design","Proven layouts and custom design to renew your Yahoo! Store. ","Renew your website with a fresh design on your home, section, item, and informational pages. We’ve got a selection of proven site architectures that you can choose from and fill with unique graphic design. With our expert coding, you’ll have a seamless combination of beauty and function that’s sure to grow your ecommerce business.

This package starts at $2699. Contact us for more information. ","","","Renew","","Renew your Yahoo! Store with a complete redesign that's sure to help your business
grow. " "CUSTOMER-EXPERIENCE-YAHOO-STORE","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/customer-experience-features-for-yahoo-stores-16.jpg","","customer-experience-yahoo-store","","","","","Customer Experience","multi-ship-to-addresses yahoo-site-search-integration wordpress-blog-integration-yahoo steal-a-deal-yahoo mobile-commerce-yahoo question-and-answer-system-yahoo-seo rotating-banners-yahoo login-system-yahoo-rtml order-confirmation-email-rtml product-configurator-yahoo-stores yahoo-customer-registration yahoo-shipping-method-populator social-media-yahoo email-friend-yahoo-rtml product-information-table-rtml enlarged-multiple-images-yahoo mini-floating-shopping-cart-yahoo email-registration-yahoo product-comparison-yahoo product-reviews-yahoo-store-rtml quantity-pricing-rtml-yahoo quick-preview-yahoo-stores best-seller-display-rtml display-testimonials-rtml recently-viewed-items-yahoo related-items-yahoo countdown-calendar-yahoo store-location-yahoo display-save-percentage-rtml favicon-rtml add-to-cart-button-design-yahoo faq-page-yahoo ","These enhancements convert your Yahoo! Store visitors into buyers." "LOGIN-SYSTEM-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Customer Login System","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/customer-login-system-22.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/customer-login-system-23.jpg","login-system-yahoo-rtml","","","","Give customers a secure space of their own at your Yahoo! Store. Not only can you adjust prices or payment and shipping options for logged in visitors, with the Customer Login System customers will be able to: ","Customer Login System","","Offer an easy, secure way for your customers to save their information without leaving your Yahoo! Store. " "CYPHERGAMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Cypher Games","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/cypher-games-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DAILY-DEAL-BAR","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Daily Deal Bar","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/daily-deal-bar-6.jpg","daily-deal-bar","","Pair the Daily Deal Bar with your Promo Manager and: Sign up now for the Daily Deal Bar to get your FREE trial. ","","The Promo Manager is teaming up with Exclusive Concept's Daily Deal Bar to offer you the most complete advertising and marketing package available for Yahoo Stores. With the Promo Manager, you have all the tools at your fingertips to create great promotions on your website, but up until now, we've left the advertising up to you. That stops here.","","","Instantly grab your visitors attention while spotlighting your promotions with the Daily Deal Bar." "DAYBEDDEALS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Daybed Deals","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/daybed-deals-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DEALER-CENTRAL-YAHOO-STORES","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Dealer Central","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dealer-central-6.jpg","dealer-central-yahoo-stores","","Tiered pricing, log-in systems, inventory management, order management compatibility- you name it, this system's got it all for your wholesale distribution business. See the description below for a full list of features.

Break through all the limitations with the extensive list of available features: ","","","","","Take control with this all-encompassing management tool for your distribution business." "DEANSAFE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Dean Safe Co.","","","deansafe","","","","","","","" "DELTAZETASTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Delta Zeta Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/delta-zeta-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DENIMEXPRESS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Denim Express","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/denim-express-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DENOVOHAIR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Denovo Hair","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/denovo-hair-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DESERTGOLFCONNECTION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Desert Golf Connection","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/desert-golf-connection-13.jpg","","desertgolfconnection","","","","","","","" "DESIDEESRENO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Desi Dees Reno","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/desi-dees-reno-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DESIGNFORYOURWINE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Design For Your Wine","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/design-for-your-wine-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "YAHOO-STOCK-STATUS-INVENTORY","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Display Real-Time Stock Status On Product Page","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/display-real-time-stock-status-on-product-page-22.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/display-real-time-stock-status-on-product-page-23.jpg","yahoo-stock-status-inventory","","","","Customers are able to instantly see live stock status on every item, in every option without adding the item to their cart. You can use our system or integrate with an existing inventory system. In our system: ","Display Real-Time Stock Status","","Allow your customers to see the stock status, including options, on product pages without having to add the item to the cart. " "DIVINENINEGREEK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Divine Nine Greek","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/divine-nine-greek-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-DVDS--MUSIC--BOOKS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","DVDs, Music, Books","","","","","","","","","juststrings stringsandbeyond ","" "PAGINATION-YAHOO-STORE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Dynamic Pagination","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dynamic-pagination-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dynamic-pagination-19.jpg","pagination-yahoo-store-rtml","","Minimize the effort a customer has to put in to find a specific product by utilizing the sorting feature we also offer. Allow your customers to sort by price or alphabetically, for instance. The possibilities and options with pagination are extensive and your Yahoo! Store is unique to your business. We're ready to work with you to create the customized module you’re looking for.","","Pagination will divide crowded sections or category pages into pages with less products and link them together. This keeps navigation simple and cleans up your store.

Our Dynamic Pagination is AJAX driven- this means that your pages will load much quicker. In addition to sorting, our system also filters results. Filtering does not change the order of the items. This eliminates products from a section completely based on the customer’s narrowing-down logic and features results tailored to the customer’s search criteria. Fewer items to sort through makes it easier for your customer to zero in on the item that is perfect for them.

Make browsing and searching simple while keeping shoppers in your Yahoo! Store with speedy page load time. Contact us to learn how to get KingWebmaster's Dynamic Pagination in your Yahoo! Store today.","","","This AJAX-based pagination tool presents your products in a clean, easy-to-navigate way while also keeping page load time to a minimum. " "SALES-PAGE","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Dynamic Sales Page","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dynamic-sales-page-6.jpg","sales-page","","Its no secret that many online consumers are looking for the best deal and lowest price. With a virtually unending supply of E-commerce stores to choose from, why not catch their attention immediately by placing your sale items all in one place?

With the increase in popularity of group buying and comparison shopping sites, you can’t deny the best deal is usually at the top of shopper’s priority lists. Give visitors what they are looking! Set up a central hub for all of your sale items to get shoppers there and buying quicker in your Yahoo! Store. ","","Do you hunt for the sale racks when you walk into a store? Your customers will appreciate the ability to quickly find and navigate through your Yahoo! Store’s sale items. Instead of having customers search through regular priced items, they will now have the ability to click a link that takes them directly to an organized Sales category. ","","","Set up a central hub for all of your sale items to get your customers there and shopping faster. " "DYNAMIC-META-TITLE-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Dynamically Generated Meta and Title Tags for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dynamically-generated-meta-and-title-tags-for-yahoo-stores-14.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/dynamically-generated-meta-and-title-tags-for-yahoo-stores-15.jpg","dynamic-meta-title-yahoo-rtml","","Upgrade your store and improve your SEO. Meta tags and title tags tell search engines what each page in your Yahoo! Store contains.

By default, Yahoo! Stores use the same title and the same Meta keywords for each page in your store, (unless you’re working with Store Editor Version 3 where you can manually enter the Meta description for each page).

With this feature, each page automatically generates unique Title tags, Meta description and Meta keywords based on its content. This will allow search engines to register each page’s unique content and greatly speed up the tagging process for Store Editor Version 3 users. ","","Upgrade your store and improve your SEO. Meta tags and title tags tell search engines what each page in your Yahoo! Store contains. By default, Yahoo! Stores use the same title and the same Meta keywords for each page in your store, (unless you’re working with Store Editor Version 3 where you can manually enter the Meta description for each page.) With this feature, each page automatically generates unique Title tags, Meta description and Meta keywords based on its content. This will allow search engines to register each page’s unique content and greatly speed up the tagging process for Store Editor Version 3 users. ","Dynamic Meta and Title Tags for Yahoo! Stores","","Give each page in your Yahoo! Store its own Meta and Title Tag so search engines can find your items easier. " "EFAMILYFUN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","e Family Fun","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/e-family-fun-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EARPLUGSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Ear Plug Super Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ear-plug-super-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EARTHTECHPRODUCTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Earth Tech Products","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/earth-tech-products-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EATGOURMET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Eat Gourmet","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/eat-gourmet-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ECANOPY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eCanopy","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ecanopy-10.jpg","","ecanopy","","","","","","","" "EDRESSME","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eDressMe","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/edressme-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EDRESSMEPROM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eDressMe Prom","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/edressme-prom-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EDUCATIONWORKS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Education Works","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/education-works-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EDUCATIONALTOYSPLANET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Educational Toys Planet","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/educational-toys-planet-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EFIREPLACESTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eFireplace Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/efireplace-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EHOBBIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eHobbies","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ehobbies-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-ELECTRONICS---COMPUTERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Electronics & Computers","","","","","","","","","skinomi coolstuffcheap outdoorspeakerdepot accessorygeeks us-appliance batteryjunction brandsplace brickhousesecurity filmandvideolighting fluance gadgetbargains greenbatteries gridconnect onlinexpressions photoframesplus server-rack-online spytown tigergps topdjgear trianglecables turtlemarine videocctv video-game-central graycables kleargear lionsdeal mytouch3gaccessories planetappliance spysupercenter videomountstore wirelessground raidentech svc telecomex accuratewholesaleproducts abccables ","" "ELITEDEALS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Elite Deals","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/elite-deals-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EMAIL-FRIEND-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Email a Friend","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/email-a-friend-14.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/email-a-friend-15.jpg","email-friend-yahoo-rtml","","Your customers will be able to send a link of the page they are viewing and a short message to 10 friends at once- right from your website. This is a great feature that allows shoppers to share your products with their friends and family while increasing your Yahoo! Store's exposure. ","","","","","Make it easy for visitors to share information from your site by allowing them to easily email your pages to their friends. " "EMBROIDERTHIS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Embroider This","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/embroider-this-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EMERGENCY-YAHOO-STORE-HELP-SUPPORT","Support:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Emergency & After Hours Support","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/emergency-after-hours-support-10.jpg","emergency-yahoo-store-help-support","","We’re here for you.

Our technical support team is available to you and your store 24 hours a day. We understand that e-commerce problems don’t have the same 9 to 5 schedule as our offices do, but you don’t have to worry about that with our Yahoo! Store Emergency Support service. Our troubleshooters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you fix any issues with your store.

Yahoo! Store Emergency Support from KingWebmaster is $300/hour with a one hour minimum.

Dial 888.546.4932. extension 91 any time of day or night for emergency support.

","","","","","" "EMPRESA-MERCHANT-SERVICES-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Empresa Merchant Services","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/empresa-merchant-services-6.jpg","empresa-merchant-services-yahoo","","Choosing a payment processing company is an important decision for a business of any size. Many processing companies charge outrageous fees just to process basic transactions. With Empresa Merchant Services, processing credit and debit card payments is a breeze! You can easily and affordably accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and more.

Empresa is a full service Merchant Service provider backed by 24/7 support that emphasizes exceptional customer service. Whether you need to open a new merchant account, or just want to compare Empresa's rates to what you are currently paying,contact Empresa for a free, no obligation quote today!

","","","","","Lower your fees and simplify the way you process credit and debit cards with Empreza Merchant Services." "YAHOO-STORE-EFFICIENCY","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Enhancements to Increase Efficiency","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/enhancements-to-increase-efficiency-18.jpg","","yahoo-store-efficiency","","Your customers want to know: ""When is the package going to arrive?"" ""How long will shipping take?"" ""Will I have my order by Christmas?""

Now, not only will you instantly tell them when they enter a zip code, but you can guarantee them an order by a certain date or holiday. On each item page, your customers can enter their zip code and are provided with a list delivery dates for all available shipping methods. This system accounts for each item's process time, cut off times and your couriers' estimated delivery time. KingWebmaster is not responsible for miscalculations made by couriers.","","","Efficiency","tax-cloud mom-export product-shipping-calculator-yahoo shipping-method-populator-yahoo usps-shipping-assistant avalara yahoo-store-database-export tracking-loader-yahoo yahoo-order-status show-item-codes-yahoo faq-page-yahoo notify-back-in-stock-yahoo-rtml inventory-system-stock-yahoo dealer-central-yahoo-stores ","Make your store more efficient to save time and money. " "ENLARGED-MULTIPLE-IMAGES-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Enlarged Images / Multiple Images","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/enlarged-images-multiple-images-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/enlarged-images-multiple-images-19.jpg","enlarged-multiple-images-yahoo","","","","Offer as many thumbnail images of your inventory as you want and allow your shoppers to select one image at a time to be enlarged on the page.

Providing multiple images presents your products from different perspectives and angles gives your customers a complete view of their items. The ability to enlarge the images showcases the fine details that would otherwise go unnoticed. ","","","Give your visitors a close up view of your products and supply as many thumbnails for enlargement as you want. " "EPICMERCHANDISE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Epic Merchandise","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/epic-merchandise-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EROTIC-TOY-TOWN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Erotic Toy Town - Adult Content","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/erotic-toy-town-adult-content-16.jpg","","erotic-toy-town","","","","","Erotic Toy Town","","" "ETEAMGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","eTeam Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/eteam-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EVERYWHERECHAIR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Everywhere Chair","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/everywhere-chair-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EXECUTIVEGIFTSHOPPE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Executive Gift Shoppe","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/executive-gift-shoppe-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EXPRESSDESIGNGROUP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Express Design Group","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/express-design-group-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FACTORYDIRECT2YOU","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Factory Direct 2 You","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/factory-direct-2-you-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FANGEARUNLIMITED","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fan Gear Unlimited","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fan-gear-unlimited-13.jpg","","fangearunlimited","","","","","","","" "FAQ-PAGE-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","FAQ Page for Yahoo! Stores","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/faq-page-for-yahoo-stores-6.jpg","faq-page-yahoo","","Your Yahoo! Store visitors will have access to 24/7 customer support when you post a FAQ page full of solutions to the questions you're asked the most. We'll customize this page to match the rest of your site.

KingWebmaster also offers Q & A system that goes right on your product pages. To learn how it can enhance SEO and see a live site with the feature, visit the
Q & A System page.

Stop wasting time answering the same questions over and over, and give your customers professional 24/7 support. ","","","","","Give your customers the answers they are looking for and spend less time answering the same questions by providing professional customer support 24/7 with your own FAQ page." "FARAWAYFOODS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Far Away Foods","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/far-away-foods-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FAVICON-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","FavIcon","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/favicon-6.jpg","favicon-rtml","","We will work with you to integrate a customized logo or your pre-existing logo so that it will appear in the address bar, as well as next to your site when your visitors bookmark any of your pages.

Typically, the mind registers images before text. When shoppers see your logo on your website or amongst the array of their bookmarked pages, they are much more likely to remember your store.

A small, but important detail that works wonders in boosting brand recognition and customer loyalty, Favicons are a professional touch and the ""icing on the cake"" for your Yahoo! Store.","",".","","","Increase brand recognition with a favicon of your logo. " "FEDEX-SHIPPING-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","FedEx Real-Time Shipping Rates","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fedex-real-time-shipping-rates-13.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fedex-real-time-shipping-rates-14.jpg","fedex-shipping-yahoo-rtml","","Now you have the ability to provide Real-Time FedEx rates for shipping. By default, Yahoo! only offers UPS as a shipping provider. We will integrate these options for you so you can provide all the FedEx shipping options you want in addition to UPS.

All options will have Real-Time rates both domestically and internationally.

If you would like to add USPS Real-Time rates in addition to USPS and FedEx, you may be interested in the Advanced Shipping Manager. UPS, USPS and FedEx Real-Time rates are just a few of the 21 standard features available with the Advanced Shipping Manager.",""," ","FedEx Rates","","Give your customers the choice to receive their order via FedEx and show the real-time rates right in your Yahoo! Store." "FEED-WIZARD-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Feed Wizard for Yahoo! Stores","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/feed-wizard-for-yahoo-stores-7.jpg","feed-wizard-yahoo","","
Improve your Yahoo! Store's natural search rankings in the top shopping engines with Feed Wizard. Choose from over 100 data feed formats including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, The Find, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber, Shareasale and Shopping.com.

* $39.95/month
* Includes True Image Hosting.
* Includes Data Backup of items and sections.
* Includes 3 Standard Feeds (or 1 Premium Feed).
* Standard Feed stores with more than 10,000 pages have a nominal charge of $5 per 5,000 additional pages beyond 10,000.

* $19.95/month
* Includes Data Backup of items and sections.
* Includes 1 Standard Feed.
* Light Feed Stores with more than 10,000 pages are charged $2.50 per additional 5,000 pages.

Don't see a feed you want? Feed Wizards are able to set up a custom feed for a one time charge.

","","","","","Help shoppers find your store by improving your products search rating in all the major engines with Feed Wizard." "FIGHTRACK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fight Rack","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fight-rack-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FILMANDVIDEOLIGHTING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Film and Video Lighting","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/film-and-video-lighting-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FINDCOSTUME","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Find Costume","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/find-costume-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FIREPITSINC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fire Pits Inc.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fire-pits-inc-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FIREPLACESCREENSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fire Place Screen Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fire-place-screen-shop-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FITWIPES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fit Wipes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fit-wipes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FLUANCE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fluance","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fluance-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FLYBOYS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fly Boys","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fly-boys-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-FOOD","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Food","","","","","","","","","mycatholictea coffeeam teuscher-bh profoundfoods mydietshopz superiornutstore 4thegrill chefknivestogo nutsinbulk farawayfoods honestfoods meatprocessingproducts mypopcornmachine nashvilleknifeshop designforyourwine nashvilletoffeecompany southernfoodcom woosterstreetmeats bigbrandwater hogislandoysters ","" "FRIDGEFILTERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fridge Filters","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fridge-filters-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "FUNTOCOLLECT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Fun To Collect","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/fun-to-collect-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-FURNITURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Furniture","","","","","","","","","wroughtirondecorstore gibraltarfurniture best-folding-tables-and-chairs furniturecrate everywherechair modernlinefurniture southwesternrusticfurniture vaughnsfurniture ","" "FURNITURECRATE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Furniture Crate","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/furniture-crate-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GADGETBARGAINS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gadget Bargains","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/gadget-bargains-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GEARFORGOLDENS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gear For Goldens","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/gear-for-goldens-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GIBRALTARFURNITURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gibraltar Furniture","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/gibraltar-furniture-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GC-CODE-10","","ITEM.","STORETEMPLATE.","Gift Cert $10","","","gc-code-10","","","","","","","" "GIFT-REGISTRY-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gift Registry System for Yahoo! Stores","","","gift-registry-yahoo-rtml","","Allow your customers the ability to create a gift registry easily while you have full control to add, edit or remove. You will also be able to upload multiple registries with CSV files. Your customers will be able to do the following with high speed, powered by AJAX: See examples of our Gift Registry feature at the following sites:

Kitchen Kapers ","","","Gift Registry","","" "PORTFOLIO-GIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gifts","","","","","","","","","celebritygift chelseamarketbasket incrediblegifts scrapbookgifts birthdayandanniversarygifts cyphergames executivegiftshoppe wholesalegiftsstore ","" "GOJANE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Go Jane","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/go-jane-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GOLDMOUNTAINMINING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gold Mountain Mining","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/gold-mountain-mining-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GRAYCABLES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Gray Cables","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/gray-cables-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GREEKGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Greek Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/greek-gear-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GREENBATTERIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Green Batteries","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/green-batteries-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GRIDCONNECT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Grid Connect","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/grid-connect-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "GUIDOGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Guido Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/guido-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "H2OPROSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","H2O Pro Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/h2o-pro-shop-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "HEADER-LEFT-NAV-FOOTER-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Design:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Header, Left-Nav, and Footer Design","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/header-left-nav-and-footer-design-6.jpg","header-left-nav-footer-yahoo","Refresh your Yahoo! Store with a custom designed frame. ","Refreshing the frame in your Yahoo! Store with a custom design is a great way to give your store an updated look. Your header, footer, and left-hand navigation frame your website. These sections are the heart of your navigation and the links to your home page, informational pages, and shopping cart. They should be user-friendly, easily accessible, and up-to-date. With this package, you'll work with our design team to create a custom designed header, footer, and left hand navigation menu that will enhance your store and accentuate your content.

This package starts at $999. Contact us for more information. ","","","Refresh","","Enhance your store and accentuate your content with a refreshed frame. " "PORTFOLIO-HEALTH---FITNESS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Health & Fitness","","","","","","","","","professionalbrands cheapchux smartbomb clubmanonline allergybegone 911healthshop americanmuscle thebodyshop-ca thebodyshop-fr-ca earplugstore nutritiondome allvitaminsplus best-eye-vitamin contactsland joegrooming medicalproductsonline-org tenssystem vision-nutrition visivite lifesvigor perfume-worldwide ","" "HERWEDDINGFAVORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Her Wedding Favors","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/her-wedding-favors-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-HOBBY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Hobby","","","","","","","","","ccgarmory ehobbies wackyplanet funtocollect knitting-warehouse officialstarwarscostumes yarnsupply ","" "HOCKEYGIANT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Hockey Giant","","","hockeygiant","","","","","","","" "HOGISLANDOYSTERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Hog Island Oyster Co.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/hog-island-oyster-co-12.jpg","","hogislandoysters","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-HOME---GARDEN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Home & Garden","","","","","","","","","keepsakesetc wildernessartanddecor theenergyconscious-com thestoragestore efireplacestore barnesandwagner firepitsinc johnsonwallcoverings chimesetc organize yesitsorganic daybeddeals us-mattress accessdoorsdirect candlelightdesigns comforthouse desideesreno eatgourmet epicmerchandise ironaccents preciouswoodcreations spacesavers thesoftlanding westernloghomesupply yummyinmytummystore atlashomewares beyond-bedding blanketsnmore californiablooms fireplacescreenshop onlinediscountmart quilting-warehouse thecleanbedroom mydreamdecor simplyplumbing wholesalelinens ","" "HONESTFOODS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Honest Foods","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/honest-foods-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "HOT-FEATURES-YAHOO-STORE","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/hot-features-for-yahoo-stores-18.jpg","","hot-features-yahoo-store","","","","","Best Sellers","steal-a-deal-yahoo check-address-yahoo multi-ship-to-addresses yahoo-stock-status-inventory shopping-cart-recovery-yahoo-store mobile-commerce-yahoo feed-wizard-yahoo product-information-table-rtml delivery-estimator-yahoo-rtml product-comparison-yahoo product-reviews-yahoo-store-rtml ","Rejuvenate your Yahoo! store with our most popular features." "HQ4SPORTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","HQ4SPORTS","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/hq4sports-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "HUNTMDOWN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Hunt'm Down","","","huntmdown","","","","","","","" "ALT-YAHOO-STORE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Image Alt Text","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/image-alt-text-6.jpg","alt-yahoo-store-rtml","","Alt text, or Alternative Text is text that is associated with an image. It serves as a description of the image. There are a few reasons why Alt Text is important to have in your Yahoo! Store.

Alt Text allows search engines to “read” your images. Since only text can be indexed, Alt Text serves the very important purpose of describing the image to the search engine.

Additionally, some internet users have turned off the images in their browser. Typically, those with a visual impairment use a screen reader that reads the Alt Text to determine the content of the image. Others users that have images disabled will see where the image would usually appear with the Alt Text in its place. ","","Alt text is a short description attached to each image that allows search engines to recognize them. Your site viewers will only see it when they put the mouse over the image, but search engines will always be able to read it. ","","","Search engines can't read images, so provide alternate text to allow the image to be read and indexed by the search engine. " "INCREDIBLEGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Incredible Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/incredible-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "INVENTORY-STOCK-YAHOO-PHP","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Inventory Features/Systems for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/inventory-features-systems-for-yahoo-stores-16.jpg","","inventory-stock-yahoo-php","","","","","Inventory Systems","inventory-system-stock-yahoo notify-back-in-stock-yahoo-rtml yahoo-stock-status-inventory 4psite-link-yahoo ","Stay organized and inform customers of product availability. " "IRONACCENTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Iron Accents","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/iron-accents-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ISHOP-CHARGEBACK-PROTECTION","","ITEM.","","iShopUSA - International Chargeback Protection","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ishopusa-international-chargeback-protection-2.jpg","ishop-chargeback-protection","","As an e-commerce business, location shouldn't be an issue for you. But, some of the complexities and costs of international shipping may be giving you second thoughts about selling internationally in your Yahoo! Store.

When you integrate with iShop USA, you are protected against potential risks like international credit card and identity fraud, language barriers, fluctuating currency rates and refused and/or abandoned shipments.

With iShop USA backing you up, you are free to enter the exploding international market. The strong demand for hard to get US items and the global reach of e-commerce has created an exciting opportunity for US based merchants. To learn more about the exploding international online community, click here. ","","","","","We'll install iShopUSA into your Yahoo! Store so you can offer international shipping without any of the usual hassles and worries. " "JACKPOTPOKERSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Jackpot Poker Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/jackpot-poker-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "JEWELBASKET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Jewel Basket","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/jewel-basket-13.jpg","","jewelbasket","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-JEWELRY---WATCHES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Jewelry & Watches","","","","","","","","","jewelsobsession jewelbasket goldmountainmining affordablevintagejewelry autismfinejewelry custom-bracelets truefaithjewelry vodamia ","" "JEWELSOBSESSION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Jewels Obsession","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/jewels-obsession-13.jpg","","jewelsobsession","","","","","","","" "JOEGROOMING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Joe Grooming","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/joe-grooming-11.jpg","","joegrooming","","","","","","","" "JOHNSONWALLCOVERINGS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Johnson Wall Coverings","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/johnson-wall-coverings-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "JOYFULLCELEBRATIONS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Joyfull Celebrations","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/joyfull-celebrations-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "JUSTIRISHSTUFF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Just Irish Stuff","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/just-irish-stuff-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "JUSTSTRINGS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:DVDs, Music, Books:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Just Strings","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/just-strings-9.jpg","","juststrings","","","","","","","" "KEEPSAKESETC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Keepsakes Etc.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/keepsakes-etc-13.jpg","","keepsakesetc","","","","","","","" "KIDBEAN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Kid Bean","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/kid-bean-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "KIBL","","LINK.","","KingWebmaster Blog","","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-KITCHEN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Kitchen","","","","","","","","","butcherblockco kitchenislandco stainlesssteelstore factorydirect2you fridgefilters thehousewaresstore averyandsage bakersrackco kitchenkapers potracksource theteapotshoppe ","" "KITCHENISLANDCO","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Kitchen Island Co.","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/kitchen-island-co-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "KITCHENKAPERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Kitchen Kapers","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/kitchen-kapers-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "KLEARGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Klear Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/klear-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "KNITTING-WAREHOUSE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Knitting Warehouse","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/knitting-warehouse-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "KSCTICKETS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","KSC Tickets","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ksc-tickets-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LAPOLICEGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","LA Police Gear","","","lapolicegear","","","","","","","" "LABELQUEEN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Label Queen","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/label-queen-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LANGSTONS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Langston's","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/langston-s-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LEDROPELIGHTSANDMORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","LED Rope Lights and More","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/led-rope-lights-and-more-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LINGERIE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Lingerie","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/lingerie-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "LIONSDEAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Lions Deal","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/lions-deal-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MADISONARTSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Madison Art Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/madison-art-shop-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "EMAIL-REGISTRATION-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Mailing List Registration","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/mailing-list-registration-6.jpg","email-registration-yahoo","","A quality email list is one of the best marketing tools for any company. There isn’t a more effective way to directly reach customers with targeted content. When you add a customized sign-up box to your home page, you allow your customers to opt-in and sign-up in a convenient location to receive your newsletter, valuable tips and special offers.

By maintaining consistent and reliable contact with your customers you can create brand recognition and build a relationship with your customers. Special “members only” sales and useful information are just a couple ways you can make sure your customers stay engaged so they keep coming back for more.

For tips on how to increase email open rates, check out this post on the KingWebmaster Blog. ","","","","","Add a customized box on your home page where customers can opt-in to receive your emails. Send discount codes and updates to keep keep them coming back." "MARKETING-SEO-YAHOO-STORE","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/marketing-seo-features-for-yahoo-stores-15.jpg","","marketing-seo-yahoo-store","","","","","Marketing/SEO","promomanager question-and-answer-system-yahoo-seo steal-a-deal-yahoo related-items-yahoo wordpress-blog-integration-yahoo daily-deal-bar breadcrumbs-yahoo-rtml css-tableless-yahoo-rtml product-reviews-yahoo-store-rtml best-seller-display-rtml display-testimonials-rtml feed-wizard-yahoo social-media-yahoo email-friend-yahoo-rtml email-registration-yahoo countdown-calendar-yahoo alt-yahoo-store-rtml dynamic-meta-title-yahoo-rtml site-map-yahoo-rtml ","Promote your store and encourage traffic with these enhancements." "MASTER-THE-IMPOSSIBLE","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Master The Impossible","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/master-the-impossible-6.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MEATPROCESSINGPRODUCTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Meat Processing Products","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/meat-processing-products-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MEDELITA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Medelita","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/medelita-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MEDICALPRODUCTSONLINE-ORG","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Medical Products Online","","","","","","","","","","" "MINI-FLOATING-SHOPPING-CART-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Mini Floating Shopping Cart","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/mini-floating-shopping-cart-14.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/mini-floating-shopping-cart-15.jpg","mini-floating-shopping-cart-yahoo","","Display a fully customized Mini Floating Shopping Cart in your Yahoo! Store so that no matter where your customers are in your store, they will be able to see the contents of their cart. They will also be able to change the quantity of items they are ordering, remove items or go directly to check-out - all from any page.

Floating Shopping Carts enhance user experience by giving your customers immediate access to their order. This allows them to quickly and easily make adjustments and proceed to check-out from any page in your Yahoo! Store. ","","","","","Give your shoppers the freedom to view and add to their cart no matter where they are in your Yahoo! Store. " "MOBILE-COMMERCE-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Mobile Commerce for Yahoo! Stores","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/mobile-commerce-for-yahoo-stores-7.jpg","mobile-commerce-yahoo","","The proliferation of Smartphones and other mobile devices is changing the e-commerce landscape and broadening the reach that e-retailers have to maintain contact with their shoppers. Establishing your mobile site now can be a simple and cost effective way to expand your Yahoo! Store. But, the longer you wait, the more potential customers and sales you stand to lose.

Smartphone adopters use their devices dozens of times a day to pass the time when waiting in line or while on their lunch break to research products, plan activities and connect with friends, family and even brands. By allowing customers to access your store anytime and anywhere, you are opening your store up to a whole new market of customers that appreciate being able to shop on their terms.

Online merchants are presented with a growth opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. The sooner you establish your Yahoo! Store in the m-commerce arena, the more you stand to gain. It will provide existing customers with the flexibility to access your store when they are on the go and can also help to expand your customer base by attracting a new client base looking for e-commerce stores that are designed to be used with their mobile devices.

KingWebmaster is excited to be working with Unbound Commerce to bring the mobile capabilities Yahoo! Store owners need to stay on the cutting edge of e-commerce. Easily optimize your store so customers can shop regardless of the device or mobile browser that they are using.

Your new mobile store will –

**Be mobile formatted and capable of supporting all web enabled phones, including newly released ones.

**Display and automatically sync all the products that are available in your Yahoo! Store.

**Utilize your existing order processing methods.

**Allow you to easily update your mobile site with new banners and products.

Mobile e-commerce from Unbound is also compatible with the Promo Manager and allows Promo Manager subscribers to offer conversion boosting promotions to their mobile customers too. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to get your mobile site off and running.","","","","","Prepare your business for the next wave in e-commerce with a mobile optimized version of your store." "MODERNLINEFURNITURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Modern Line Furniture","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/modern-line-furniture-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MULTI-SHIP-TO-ADDRESSES","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Multi-Ship To Addresses","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/multi-ship-to-addresses-24.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/multi-ship-to-addresses-25.jpg","multi-ship-to-addresses","","","","Perfect for any giving occasion, the Multi-Ship To Addresses feature makes gift giving simple so shoppers can appreciate the joy that comes from giving - without any of the frustration that sometimes goes along during checkout. With this feature, regardless of the number of shipping address or different products, shoppers only have to checkout one time.

For example:
Imagine you are placing an order for five people with five different address and you decide to send them all gift baskets from the same retailer. In most e-commerce stores, you would have to place five separate orders in order to ship the gift baskets to the five different addresses. With the Multi-Ship To Addresses feature, you only have to checkout once! It gives the shopper the option to either enter each of the unique shipping addresses, or to upload a CSV file of the information. The customer can customize their order to ship different quantities and/or products to the different addresses.

","","","Simplify the buying process by allowing shoppers to order multiple products that are shipping to multiple address, but only require them to checkout once." "MYBABYSHOWERFAVORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Baby Shower Favors","","","mybabyshowerfavors","","","","","","","" "MYBRIDESMAIDSGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Bridesmaids Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-bridesmaids-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MYCATHOLICTEA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Catholic Tea","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-catholic-tea-10.jpg","","mycatholictea","","","","","","","" "MYDIETSHOPZ","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Diet Shopz","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-diet-shopz-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MYGROOMSMENGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Groomsmen Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-groomsmen-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MYPOPCORNMACHINE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Popcorn Machine","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-popcorn-machine-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "MYTOUCH3GACCESSORIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","My Touch 3G Accessories","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/my-touch-3g-accessories-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NASHVILLEKNIFESHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Nashville Knife Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nashville-knife-shop-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NASHVILLETOFFEECOMPANY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Nashville Toffee Company","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nashville-toffee-company-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NATIONALITYSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Nationality Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nationality-shop-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NAVIGATION-RTML-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/navigation-enhancements-for-yahoo-stores-15.jpg","","navigation-rtml-yahoo","","","","","Navigation","advanced-search-yahoo-store-rtml yahoo-site-search-integration breadcrumbs-yahoo-rtml mobile-commerce-yahoo product-information-table-rtml navigation-menus-yahoo enhanced-options-yahoo-rtml pagination-yahoo-store-rtml sales-page recently-viewed-items-yahoo site-map-yahoo-rtml ","Encourage visitors to stay and shop with user-friendly navigation." "NAVIGATION-MENUS-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Navigation Menus","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/navigation-menus-6.jpg","Navigation-Menus-Yahoo","","Properly placing categories and products is a key component to the usability of your Yahoo! Store. Categories and subcategories must be easily accessible while fitting in to the overall design of your frame.

Fly-Out Left Hand Navigation Menus do exactly that. When a category is selected from the left hand navigation menu, a box “flys-out” with a selection of sub-categories for your shopper to select from.

Expanding Navigation Menus, also called Accordion Style, are typically located in the left hand navigation pane. As a category is selected, the sub-categories drop down below the main category heading.

Dropdown Menus are commonly used. Category headings are located across the top of the frame. As a user places their cursor over the category name, the menu drops down to reveal sub-categories.

When deciding which option to use for your Menus, don’t forget to consider how you like to navigate when you are shopping online. Do some market research by asking friends and family what they prefer. The bottom line is that your Yahoo! Store needs to be neat and tidy with a user friendly layout.

You may also want to consider adding Breadcrumbs. Considering that many shoppers may be entering your site from a search engine, you need to show them where they are in your store. This can greatly increase the chances of them staying in your store. If they don’t stay, they can’t convert. ","","","","","Keep your content organized so shoppers can easily find what they are looking for." "NEW-TEST-PAGE","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","New Test Page #1","","","","","","your text goes here..............","","","","" "SIGNUP","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Newsletter Sign Up","","","","","","
","","","","" "NOTSURE","Services:Yahoo! Store Design:","LINK.","","Not Suref","","","","","","","","","","Not sure what you need? Click for contact information so we can help guide you. " "NOTIFY-BACK-IN-STOCK-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Inventory Features/Systems for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Notify Customer When Product Is Back In Stock","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/notify-customer-when-product-is-back-in-stock-6.jpg","notify-back-in-stock-yahoo-rtml","","It would be great if products always remained in stock, but unfortunately, items do run out. When that happens, don't risk losing the sale - give your customers the opportunity to provide an email so they can be automatically notified when the item they want is back in stock. You can even choose to customize the email message so it includes any targeted message you want. Targeted messages allow you to suggest products related to the out of stock item.

With KingWebmaster's Back-in-Stock Notifiation, you can continue to use a pre-existing 3rd party inventory management system, or choose to use our Real-Time Inventory System for seamless inventory management. ","","","","","Retain customers by allowing them to submit an email address so they can be notified when a product is back in stock. " "PORTFOLIO-NOVELTIES---TOYS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Novelties & Toys","","","","","","","","","spacestore sensoryedge creativekidstuff scrapbook scrapyourtrip lapolicegear animalworldnetwork bigdotofhappiness bigdotwholesale candlesandsuch cool-party-favors fightrack findcostume jackpotpokerstore ledropelightsandmore betathetapigear chiomegashop clonewarscostumes deltazetastore divineninegreek educationaltoysplanet plushfriends officialbatmancostumes officialcostumes officialharrypottercostumes officialindianajonescostumes officialkidscostumes officiallightsabers officiallylicensedcostumes officialmoviecostumes officialwizardofozcostumes omegapsiphigear phideltathetagear phisigmakappastore pikappaalphagear rangerup seussland sigepshop sigmaalphaepsilongear sigmachigear sigmapigear sigtaugear star-wars-costumes thetachistore tkegear wholesalegreek delightfultoys lollysmith collector-connection scrapbooksupercenter beadsnap photosilk ","" "NUTRITIONDOME","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Nutrition Dome","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nutrition-dome-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NUTSINBULK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Nuts In Bulk","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nuts-in-bulk-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NYSUPERFAN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","NY Superfan","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ny-superfan-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NYCEWHEELS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","NYCeWheels","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/nycewheels-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-OFFICE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Office","","","","","","","","","labelqueen officesupplieslane pospaper brpboxshop the5sstore budgetmailboxes ","" "OFFICESUPPLIESLANE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Office Supplies Lane","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/office-supplies-lane-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALBATMANCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Batman Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-batman-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALHARRYPOTTERCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Harry Potter Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-harry-potter-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALINDIANAJONESCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Indiana Jones Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-indiana-jones-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALKIDSCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Kid Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-kid-costumes-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALLIGHTSABERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Light Sabers","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-light-sabers-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALMOVIECOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Movie Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-movie-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALPROSPORTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Pro Sports","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-pro-sports-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALSTARWARSCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Star Wars Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-star-wars-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALWIZARDOFOZCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Official Wizard Of Oz Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/official-wizard-of-oz-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OFFICIALLYLICENSEDCOSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Officially Licensed Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/officially-licensed-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "OMEGAPSIPHIGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Omega Psi Phi Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/omega-psi-phi-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ONLINEDISCOUNTMART","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Online Discount Mart","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/online-discount-mart-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ONLINEXPRESSIONS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Online Expressions","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/online-expressions-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ORDER-FAX-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Order Faxing and SMS Texting ","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/order-faxing-and-sms-texting-6.jpg","order-fax-yahoo-rtml","","Part of the appeal of running an E-commerce store is the ability to make your own schedule and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Why not give yourself even more freedom and receive your orders via text message? Or, maybe you prefer to receive a fax? Either way we have you covered.

Orders are faxed in Real-Time for 10 cents per page. Text messages are also 10 cents per message – standard carrier rates also apply. There are no installation charges, no commitments and no cancellation fees. ","","Orders will be faxed in real-time as they are received for the rate of 10 cents a page. No commitment, no installation fees, and no cancellation fees. If getting your orders via fax is important to the way you do business, contact us today. If you’re an owner on the go, we’re also offering you the option of receiving SMS text messages of orders directly to your mobile device(s). Same deal as the faxes: no commitment, no installation fees and no cancellation fees. Just pay 10 cents per text message. (Standard carrier rates apply.) ","","","Real-time order faxing and SMS texting gives you the freedom and flexibility necessary for today's increasingly mobile world. " "ORGANIZE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Organize.com","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/organize-com-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-OTHER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Other","","","","","","","","","erotic-toy-town ryocigarettes pipesandcigars american-classroom-supply safetyglassesusa travellinguist boxandwrap deansafe educationworks efamilyfun fitwipes flyboys kidbean surrayluggage autismthings awarenessdepot expressdesigngroup ksctickets petpetsupplies groovycarts petguys naturechest ","" "OUTDOORSPEAKERDEPOT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Outdoor Speaker Depot","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/outdoor-speaker-depot-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PETPETSUPPLIES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pet Pet Supplies","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pet-pet-supplies-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PHIDELTATHETAGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Phi Delta Theta Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/phi-delta-theta-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PHISIGMAKAPPASTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Phi Sigma Kappa Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/phi-sigma-kappa-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PHOTOFRAMESPLUS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Photo Frames Plus","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/photo-frames-plus-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PIKAPPAALPHAGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pi Kappa Alpha Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pi-kappa-alpha-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PINKPRINCESS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pink Princess","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pink-princess-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PIPESANDCIGARS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pipes and Cigars","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pipes-and-cigars-11.jpg","","pipesandcigars","","","","","","","" "PLANETAPPLIANCE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Planet Appliance","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/planet-appliance-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PLAYBILLSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Playbill Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/playbill-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PLEASURESPORTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pleasure Sports","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pleasure-sports-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "POOLRAFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pool Rafts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pool-rafts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIOS-AND-ART-CASES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Portfolios and Art Cases","","","","","","","","","","" "POSPAPER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","POS Paper","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pos-paper-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "POTRACKSOURCE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pot Rack Source","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pot-rack-source-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRECIOUSWOODCREATIONS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Precious Wood Creations","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/precious-wood-creations-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRESENTSFORPILOTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Presents for Pilots","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/presents-for-pilots-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRETTYBABYGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Pretty Baby Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/pretty-baby-gifts-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRIVACY","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Privacy Policy","","","","","","This site is hosted by Yahoo! Store. Yahoo! hosts the store pages, ordering system, and order data. Yahoo! automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. If you accessed this store through Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! also automatically collects information about your shopping experience. Please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy for more information about how Yahoo! uses this information.

KingWebmaster, LLC will not share any personal information with any 3rd party without your permission.

Third-Party Web Beacons: We use third-party web beacons from Yahoo! to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Yahoo!, click here. ","","","","" "PRODUCT-COMPARISON-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Product Comparison","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/product-comparison-20.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/product-comparison-21.jpg","product-comparison-yahoo","","","","With the vast array of products available in e-commerce stores, it can be easy for shoppers to get confused and loose track of items they are interested in purchasing.

With KingWebmaster's Product Comparisons, your customers will be able to select products throughout your Yahoo! Store to easily and quickly compare and contrast between items they are interested in purchasing. This feature is fully customizable to function seamlessly in your Yahoo! Store, we will work with you to create the solution you are looking for, contact us today. ","","","This fully customizable feature makes it easy for your customers to comparison shop in your Yahoo! store." "PRODUCT-REVIEWS-YAHOO-STORE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Product Ratings and Reviews","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/product-ratings-and-reviews-24.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/product-ratings-and-reviews-25.jpg","product-reviews-yahoo-store-rtml","","","","This SEO-friendly ratings and review system allows your customers to give feedback on your products while you maintain control of what content gets posted.

Your visitors will be able to rate products between 1 and 5 stars, write text reviews and rate whether or not a previously posted review was helpful. You'll be able to review each rating before it's posted.

Not only can you choose which reviews or ratings get approved for posting, you can also specify how many days elapse before an automatic email is sent to your customer prompting them to review a product they purchased. You can even choose if you want the reviews to be static or dynamic.

Product Ratings and Reviews are one of the most effective ways to enhance your SEO, allow shopper interaction and provide useful information to your customers. Contact us today by clicking on the buttom below for more information.

","","","Allow your customers to interact with a rating and review system for your product pages while you control the content. This SEO friendly feature can have a powerful effect on sales and conversions. " "PROFESSIONALBRANDS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Professional Brands","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/professional-brands-13.jpg","","professionalbrands","","","","","","","" "PROFOUNDFOODS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Profound Foods","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/profound-foods-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PROJECT","","INFO-1","","Project Registration","","","","","","
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","","","","" "PROMOMANAGER","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Promo Manager","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/promo-manager-12.jpg","promomanager","","New! The Promo Manager now includes a Store Credit and custom Gift Certificate system. Click here for details.

Feel like your promotions just aren’t what they could be?

An effective promotional campaign not only draws people to your Yahoo! Store, but it also gives them a reason to stay, shop and spend. In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, merchants need to do all they can to stay competitive.

KingWebmaster’s Promo Manager does just that. Traditional promotional tools can limit creativity and cause your marketing campaigns to grow stale. The Promo Manager is a revolutionary tool and the first of its kind for Yahoo! Stores. It allows you to easily create customized promotions designed to help you reach your sales goals.

By choosing from a selection of 6 different types of conditions such as cart value or discounted or free items, you are dictating what requirements the shopper must meet to earn the reward you are offering. There are 4 different types of rewards like free or discounted items or a discount off the total order amount.

With 6 Conditions and 4 Rewards to choose from, the potential to create a virtually unlimited amount of unique and compelling promotions is endless, the Promo Manager is even available for your mobile site. Watch the Promo Manager webinar and learn exactly how to easily start running innovative promotions in your Yahoo! Store.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what Promo Manager clients have to say:

**We have 50+ complex promotions at any given time. There’s no way we could accomplish what we’re doing without Promo Mgr. It has without a doubt, increased our promo sales!

**Promo Manager has saved me so much time and helped increase sales too. Creating promos is a cinch and we have an enormous amt of flexibility we never had before.We have 50+ complex promotions at any given time. There’s no way we could accomplish what we’re doing without Promo Mgr. It has without a doubt, increased our promo sales!

**Promo Manager has saved me so much time and helped increase sales too. Creating promos is a cinch and we have an enormous amt of flexibility we never had before.

**Before we implemented the Promo Manager, our promotions had stagnated and we had outgrown the built-in tools on the Yahoo! platform. We needed more flexibility and options. The Promo Manager has rejuvenated our marketing department and allowed us to run unique promotions and Deals of the Day. This product allows us to compete with the 300 pound gorillas and run promotions that are just as creative and compelling. We attribute much of our marketing success to the Promo Manager and we use it every day.
","","","","","The Promo Manager gives you access to endless options that will seamlessly integrate your promotions into your Yahoo! Store." "PUNK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Punk.com","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/punk-com-13.jpg","","punk","","","","","","","" "QUESTION-AND-ANSWER-SYSTEM-YAHOO-SEO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Q & A System","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/q-a-system-28.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/q-a-system-29.jpg","question-and-answer-system-yahoo-seo","","","","Question - What could be better than a question form for your customer’s product questions?

Answer – An interactive Q&A section that appears right on all of your product pages!

With KingWebmaster’s new Q&A System for product pages, shoppers can submit their questions without leaving ever the product page. Previously answered questions appear on the product page along with the answers for all visitors to see.

This unique feature is a great SEO booster. It allows product pages that have the potential to become stagnant to regularly receive fresh and informative content. It not only enhances SEO, but it also gives you the opportunity to suggest, or cross-sell other products that are either more tailored to the shoppers needs, or go along with another item in your store. When a question is asked you will receive a notification to approve and answer the question.

KingWebmaster’s Q&A System is a simple and effective way to inform and interact with your shoppers, contact us today to find out about implementing it in your Yahoo! Store. ","","","Interact with your customers and enhance SEO with a Q & A section right on all of your product pages." "QUESTION-AND-ANSWER-SYSTEM-YAHOO","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Q & A System","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/q-a-system-26.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/q-a-system-27.jpg","question-and-answer-system-yahoo","","","","Question - What’s better than a question form for your customer’s product questions?
Answer – An interactive Q&A section that appears right on all of your product pages!

With KingWebmaster’s new Q&A System for product pages, shoppers can submit their questions without leaving ever the product page. Previously answered questions appear on the product page along with the answers for all visitors to see.

This unique feature is a great SEO booster. It allows product pages that have the potential to become stagnant to regularly receive fresh and informative content. It not only enhances SEO, but it also gives you the opportunity to suggest, or cross-sell other products that are either more tailored to the shoppers needs, or go along with another item in your store. When a question is asked you will receive a notification to approve and answer the question.

KingWebmaster’s Q&A System is a simple and effective way to inform and interact with your shoppers, contact us today to find out about implementing it in your Yahoo! Store. ","","","Interact with your customers and enhance SEO with a Q & A section right on all of your product pages." "QUANTITY-PRICING-RTML-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Quantity Pricing","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/quantity-pricing-6.jpg","quantity-pricing-rtml-yahoo","","The Quantity Pricing feature is a must have for wholesalers, suppliers and other Yahoo! Stores that offer discounted pricing for purchasing different quantities of their products. By showing your customers how much they could be saving by purchasing a larger quantity, you can cut down on customer service calls and increase your chances of getting higher order totals.

Display quantity pricing on your item pages to make it easier for customers to buy in bulk from your e-commerce strore. ","","","","","Do you offer quantity discounts? Display pricing levels for multiple quantities on product pages." "QUICK-PREVIEW-YAHOO-STORES","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Quick Preview on Section Pages","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/quick-preview-on-section-pages-22.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/quick-preview-on-section-pages-23.jpg","quick-preview-yahoo-stores","","","","Your customers will be able to see a small preview window of an item directly from its parent section page or as a search result from KingWebmaster""s Advanced Search.

Without having to leave the section page, shoppers will be able to add items to their cart directly from the preview window. ","","","Customers will be able to view a small preview window of an item with a brief description and have the option to add it to their cart, all without leaving their current page." "QUILTING-WAREHOUSE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Quilting Warehouse","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/quilting-warehouse-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "RACEGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Race Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/race-gear-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "BEST-SELLER-DISPLAY-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Randomly Displayed Best Sellers","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/randomly-displayed-best-sellers-6.jpg","best-seller-display-rtml","","By adding the Randomly Displayed Best Sellers feature to your Yahoo! Store, you are helping it in two areas. First of all, the changing content engages shoppers and encourages them to click around your site. This is going to increase the time they spend in your store and could help to increase their order total.

Secondly, search engines love fresh content. The rotating best sellers translate into new content. This will help increase important SEO value. You control which items to showcase. They can originate from real order data, or from a bank of items you have chosen to feature.

Contact us to see how we can incorporate this feature into your Yahoo! Store.","","","","","Attract attention by showing off your best selling items while keeping your pages fresh." "DISPLAY-TESTIMONIALS-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Randomly Displayed Testimonials","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/randomly-displayed-testimonials-6.jpg","display-testimonials-rtml","","Do you have a collection of outstanding customer reviews? Show them off to your prospective customers with Randomly Displayed Testimonials. Just provide us with a bank of testimonials from satisfied customers, and your Yahoo! Store will automatically display one at random. Visitors will see a new testimonial with every visit. This helps to keep your content fresh and interesting while increasing the confidence and comfort level of shoppers.

Randomly Displayed Testimonials show potential customers how satisfied your previous customers are while adding valuable SEO content your Yahoo! Store. ",""," ","","","Show potential customers why they should do business with you by providing a bank of randomly displayed customer testimonials." "RANGERUP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Ranger Up","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ranger-up-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "DELIVERY-ESTIMATOR-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Real-Time Delivery Date Calculator","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/real-time-delivery-date-calculator-31.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/real-time-delivery-date-calculator-32.jpg","delivery-estimator-yahoo-rtml","","","","Without leaving your website, your customers can enter their destination zip code and they are instantly provided a list of estimated delivery dates for all of the available shipping methods. This system accounts for each individual items processing time, weekends, holidays and cut-off times for UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Yellow Freight and R + L Carriers.

Please note, the Delivery Date Calculator does not include shipping costs, please see our Shipping Calculator for more information about that feature.

KingWebmaster is not responsible for miscalculations made by couriers.","Delivery Calculator","","Show your customers all available shipping methods along with Real-Time Delivery Dates and let them chose the method that works best for them." "YAHOO-ORDER-STATUS","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Real-Time Order Status Page","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/real-time-order-status-page-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/real-time-order-status-page-19.jpg","yahoo-order-status","","","","Increase efficiency, save precious time on the phone, and make your life easier with a real-time order status page.
Your customers will be able to check their order status in real time by simply entering their order number and zip code.

This enhancement will work with the following systems:

If you have a different order management system, and would like to use it, please contact us.","","","Why keep your customers in the dark? Savvy store owners know their customers want real-time order status, start giving them the information they need." "RECENTLY-VIEWED-ITEMS-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Recently Viewed Items","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/recently-viewed-items-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/recently-viewed-items-19.jpg","recently-viewed-items-yahoo","","","","When you keep the products your shoppers have Recently Viewed available, you make it even easier for them to navigate your Yahoo! Store.

Select a number of recently viewed items to remain on the page as your customer continues shopping. This allows them to quickly and easily go back and forth between their items of interest. It also helps them keep track of the products they are interested in without having to add them to a cart.

When you keep the product pages that shoppers have recently viewed close at hand, you increase the chance of a conversion and keep the customer happy by making browsing your store easy and enjoyable.","","","We'll populate this recently viewed feature as your customers shop around so they can easily keep track of what they have viewed. " "RELATED-ITEMS-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Related Items / Cross-Selling","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/related-items-cross-selling-6.jpg","related-items-yahoo","","KingWebmaster's Related Items/Cross Selling feature is a fully customizable feature designed to integrate seamlessly with your Yahoo! Store. Choose between vertical columns, horizontal rows or text lists. You also get to choose the number of items you want featured and decide if you want to dictate the exact items to feature, or have the items automatically produce within the same category. You can even choose to allow customers to purchase directly from the Related Items feature!

Displaying Related Items makes shopping easier for visitors. They can quickly view other products they may be interested in and find exactly what they are looking for in your Yahoo! Store. ","","","","","Use your own set of items or Yahoo!'s auto suggest to show related items and connect your customers to the other products they may be interested in." "RESPONSIVE-DESIGN","Services:Yahoo! Store Design:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Responsive Design","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/responsive-design-6.jpg","RESPONSIVE","","

Introducing OneSite Responsive Design for Yahoo! Stores.

You will no longer need to manage multiple versions of your store. With a Responsive Design, your store will automatically resize and adjust itself to fit whichever screen size your customer is using. Whether it is a 30-inch monitor, a 3-inch Smartphone, or anything in between, your website will fit perfectly and maintain its functionality. Most Smartphones just zoom out on websites to make them fit on the screen, which results in a microscopic website that is not intuitive or easy to use. Chances are that your visitors will leave and go to your competitors.

OneSite by KingWebmaster is a comprehensive solutions rather than a ""plug-in"" or a ""feature""--no ""hack jobs"" needed! It is a technique used to build the HTML and CSS in your store, and will always be completed in accordance with HTML 5 standards.

See it in action on our sample store: http://test-developer-kingweb.stores.yahoo.net/

This also works in the shopping cart and checkout of your Yahoo! Store.

How to simulate the look of the store on a Smartphone in Firefox:
  • In Windows, click CTRL+SHIFT+M
  • On a Mac, click CMD+ALT+M
  • To simulate an iPhone, select the ""360 x 640"" preset.

    These commands will put Firefox in ""responsive mode"". Your customers will NOT need to do this. It is only a way to simulate the look of the site on various device sizes. You can easily resize the viewing area.


    Question - Can you convert my existing website to be responsive?
    Answer - We will be offering this in the near future. However, keep in mind that OneSite is not a feature that we can simply add to your store, but a technique used to build it. Therefore, it would require rebuilding your store either with a similar design or a new design. Also, you would need to decide exactly which features you want to work when the site is displayed on mobile phones. Although many advanced features may work on a Smartphone, not all are practical due to the screen size. We are happy to discuss your options with you.

    Question - We want to use a graphic design of our own or from another developer/designer. Can you work with someone else's design?
    Answer - Sure. We would be more than happy to do so. However, we may need to have the design slightly modified to work with the responsive code. Since the site changes size and shape, some of the elements used in the graphic design may not be appropriate.

    Question - I want a responsive design, however, I want the layout to be different than what you show in the sample website. Is this possible?
    Answer - Currently, we are only going to use the layout that you see in the example. However, small changes may be made. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. In the future, we may decide to offer custom layouts.

    What You Should Know:

    Responsive Design is not for everyone. For example: if your site is heavily customized, some of your custom features may be either impractical or too costly to convert for use on a mobile device. In some cases, investing in a separate mobile site is more cost-effective.

    Currently, Yahoo's new search function will not resize. Your customers will have to scroll left/right to see search results. Yahoo! does not give access to the search code and we therefore have no way of making the necessary changes. If you use a 3rd party search such as Nextopia or SLI, they maybe able to work with you to resolve this issue. You would need to contact them and request it. We will be happy to work with 3rd party vendors to assist in converting to a responsive design. We are currently working on an in-house solution for this. Once this solution is ready on our end, we will provide it free of charge to all of our responsive design customers.

    Please contact us for more information or to get started.","","","","","" "ROCKBOTTOMGOLF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Rock Bottom Golf","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/rock-bottom-golf-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "ROTATING-BANNERS-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Rotating Image Banners","","","rotating-image-banners","","Keep your homepage fresh and interesting with Rotating Image Banners by KingWebmaster. We will customize up to six banners that will help you bring attention to special promotions, sales or any other information you want to make sure your customers see. Banners will load quickly and smoothly and search engines will be able to ""see"" them.

    Rotating Image Banners help to keep shoppers engaged and alert while creating an interesting and informative homepage experience. ","","","","","Grab your customers attention by highlighting featured products and other information you want to showcase with rotation banners." "RUMORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Rumors","","","","","","","","","","" "RYOCIGARETTES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","RYO Cigarettes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/ryo-cigarettes-13.jpg","","ryocigarettes","","","","","","","" "SADDLEBACKGOLFCARS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Saddleback Golf Carts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/saddleback-golf-carts-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SAFETYGLASSESUSA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Safety Glasses USA","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/safety-glasses-usa-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SHOPPING-CART-RECOVERY-YAHOO-STORE","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sale Saver","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sale-saver-7.jpg","shopping-cart-recovery-yahoo-store","","Sale Saver will monitor your customers from the moment they add items to their cart, and will automatically save their information (with the exclusion of payment information) as soon as they type it, even if they decided to close the browser and not continue. With that information, if your customers do not return to complete their order, Sale Saver will automatically email them after a set amount of hours to prompt them to return and complete their order. We encourage merchants to use a single-use coupon that will discount the customer's shopping cart as an incentive.

    Sale Saver offers the flexibility of creating different groups for different scenarios based on the value of the shopping cart or the location of the customer (country or state). This way, for example, you can ensure a customer with a shopping cart value of less than $100 will only get a discount of 5% as opposed to a customer with a shopping cart value of $200 that will get a discount of 10% or a customer in New York, who could get a discount of $5 versus a customer in California who could get a discount of $10.

    The average cart abandonment rate is currently around 60% - 70% for most online merchants (according to industry publications). Don't be a part of these statistics! You have nothing to lose... no installation fees, no monthly fees, pay only for saved sales.

    ","","The solution to cart abandonment is here. Rescue lost orders with a follow up email from our Sale Saver and you have nothing to lose. Our cart recovery system has your store's best interests in mind, so you'll only pay for the recovered orders with the sale saver.

    The average cart abandonment rate is currently around 60% - 70% for most online merchants (according to industry publications). Don't be a part of these statistics! You have nothing to lose... no installation fees, no monthly fees, pay only for saved sales.","","","Be our affiliate and entice lost shoppers to come back with Sale Saver. Shoppers will receive an email from you where you can offer an incentive for them to return and complete their order." "SCRAPYOURTRIP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Scrap Your Trip","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/scrap-your-trip-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SCRAPBOOK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Scrapbook","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/scrapbook-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SCRAPBOOKGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Scrapbook Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/scrapbook-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NSEARCH","","SEARCH.","KINGWEBMASTER","Search","","","","","","","","","","" "SEATTLESUNGLASS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Seattle Sunglass","","","seattlesunglass","","","","","","","" "SENSORYEDGE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sensory Edge","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sensory-edge-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SERVER-RACK-ONLINE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Server Rack Online","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/server-rack-online-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SERVICES","","ITEM.","","Services","","","services","","","","","","yahoo-store-rtml yahoo-store-design-rtml yahoo-store-backend-shipping yahoo-store-efficiency promomanager custom-php-rtml-programming inventory-stock-yahoo-php ","" "SEUSSLAND","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Seuss Land","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/seuss-land-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SHAKESPEARESDEN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Culture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Shakespeare's Den","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shakespeare-s-den-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRODUCT-SHIPPING-CALCULATOR-YAHOO","Services:Enhancements to Increase Efficiency:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Shipping Calculator","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-calculator-17.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-calculator-18.jpg","product-shipping-calculator-yahoo","","In a recent study, Internet Retailer reported that consumers ranked shipping issues as one of the top reasons for abandoning their shopping cart. 44% cited high shipping costs as the reason, 22% said shipping costs were displayed too late and 6% just didn't want to wait to see the rates. Internet shoppers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and spending more time comparison shopping; give them an offer they can't refuse and you will have a customer for life. ","","Provide your Yahoo! Store customers with exact shipping charges for any individual item so they know the total cost of a product before they add it to their cart. Your customer enters their destination zip code and is provided with a list of the available shipping methods and the cost for each one.

    This feature integrates seamlessly with the Advanced Shipping Manager or the Delivery Estimator, which allows your customers to see the approximate date of delivery. ","Shipping Calculator ","","Show your customers the shipping rates they are wondering about with our Shipping Calculator. Shoppers are more likely to buy when shipping charges are easy to find." "SHIPPING-METHOD-BLOCKER-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Shipping Method Blocker","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-method-blocker-13.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-method-blocker-14.jpg","shipping-method-blocker-yahoo","","Instantly prevent the listing of inappropriate shipping options. Stop cart abandonment during the check-out process now with these handy features:

    The ability to block shipping methods is also available as one of the 21 standard features available with the Advanced Shipping Manager. Save time, money and shipping headaches with the Advanced Shipping Manager - the most complete shipping solution for Yahoo! Stores.","","","Method Blocker","","Avoid shipping method confusion and block invalid shipping methods with the Shipping Method Blocker for Yahoo! Stores." "SHIPPING-METHOD-POPULATOR-YAHOO","Services:Enhancements to Increase Efficiency:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Shipping Method Populator","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-method-populator-21.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shipping-method-populator-22.jpg","shipping-method-populator-yahoo","","","","Let your customers decide for themselves when they want to receive their order and how much to pay for shipping with the Shipping Method Populator.

    In your check-out pages, your customers will be able to enter their zip code and a radio button list of all the available shipping methods and the their corresponding rates will appear.

    By giving your customers the freedom and knowledge to chose how to have their orders shipped saves you valuable time by reducing the amount of customer service calls you receive and could also increase the number of expedited orders you receive.

    Still not convinced that you need a Shipping Method Populator? Click here!

    Please note, estimated delivery dates are not part of this feature. You may be interested in our Delivery Date Calculator which displays estimated arrival dates on the product page or checkout page.","Method Populator","","Our Shipping Method Populator allows your customer to chose the method that works best for them so they receive their delivery exactly when it is right for them." "SHOW-ITEM-CODES-YAHOO","Services:Enhancements to Increase Efficiency:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Show Item Codes In Shopping Cart","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/show-item-codes-in-shopping-cart-18.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/show-item-codes-in-shopping-cart-19.jpg","show-item-codes-yahoo","","","","Show unique SKU’s for all of the products in your Yahoo! Store. In the shopping cart, each item will have its own SKU to help customers accurately identify each item they are purchasing. This feature allows option level SKU’s to be displayed for each of your items.

    The ability to uniquely identify items with option level SKU’s will help your customer service department to quickly and effectively assist your shoppers with their orders.

    Please Note: The stock status availability shown in the example to the left is not a part of this feature. ","","","Simplify customer service by showing option level SKU's in the shopping cart." "SHUFFLEBOARDFEDERATION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Shuffle Board Federation","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/shuffle-board-federation-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIDEBYSIDESPORTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Side By Side Sports","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/side-by-side-sports-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGEPSHOP","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sig Ep Shop","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sig-ep-shop-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGTAUGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sig Tau Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sig-tau-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGMAALPHAEPSILONGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sigma-alpha-epsilon-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGMACHIGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sigma Chi Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sigma-chi-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGMAPIGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sigma Pi Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sigma-pi-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIMPLYBABYSTUFF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Simply Baby Stuff","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/simply-baby-stuff-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIMPLYWEDDINGSTUFF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Wedding:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Simply Wedding Stuff","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/simply-wedding-stuff-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SITE-MAP-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Site Map","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/site-map-6.jpg","site-map-yahoo-rtml","","Site maps are like a road map, but for your website. They show visitors and search engines exactly where everything is in your Yahoo! Store. You may have a visitor that knows exactly what they want, so they go straight to your site map for an easy to read overview of your store. Search engine spiders have a field day with Site Maps. They go from link to link indexing your entire site – that means better results for your store.

    In today's competition for top search engine rankings, you need to be sure you are making it as easy as possible for your store to be indexed. Site maps help make that happen, and help to keep shoppers in your Yahoo! Store.","","Create a map of your website containing a link for every page. All pages will be categorized as they are on your site. This will help both customers and search engines navigate through your website. ","","","Create a map of your website containing a link for every page to help visitors and search engines find your content." "SKINOMI","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Skinomi","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/skinomi-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SMARTBOMB","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Smart Bomb","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/smart-bomb-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SOCIAL-MEDIA-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Marketing/SEO Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Social Media Links","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/social-media-links-15.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/social-media-links-16.jpg","social-media-yahoo","","","","This feature is a must to connect your customers to your social media profiles. Put links on your site directing customers to any and all of your social network profiles. Make it easier to build and maintain relationships with shoppers to keep them informed of updates, sales and other promotions. Adding profile links to your Yahoo! Store is one of the most effective ways to promote your social profiles and to help grow your customer base.","","","Place links directly on your Yahoo! Store pages that will allow visitors to instantly connect to your various social media profiles. " "SOUTHWESTERNRUSTICFURNITURE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","South Western Rustic Furniture","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/south-western-rustic-furniture-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SOUTHERNFOODCOM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Southern Food","","","southernfoodcom","","","","","","","" "SPACESAVERS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Space Savers","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/space-savers-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-SPORTS---OUTDOORS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sports & Outdoors","","","","","","","","","desertgolfconnection fangearunlimited awty ecanopy eteamgear nysuperfan trisports racegear chowdaheadz hockeygiant nycewheels shuffleboardfederation sportsunlimitedinc airgundepot campsmarter canopiesandtarps earthtechproducts elitedeals h2oproshop hq4sports huntmdown pleasuresports sidebysidesports sportsgifts tackledirect thecollegetoolbox ambientsw ambientweather gearforgoldens officialprosports poolrafts rockbottomgolf sportsfanfare thaliasurf waterproofcases acecanopy tarpsplus trophycentral hitrunscore wetsuitrental ","" "SPORTSFANFARE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sports Fan Fare","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sports-fan-fare-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SPORTSGIFTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sports Gifts","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sports-gifts-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SPORTSUNLIMITEDINC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Sports Unlimited","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/sports-unlimited-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SPYSUPERCENTER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Spy Super Center","","","","","","","","","","" "SPYTOWN","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Spy Town","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/spy-town-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "STAINLESSSTEELSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Stainless Steel Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/stainless-steel-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "STAR-WARS-COSTUMES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Star Wars Costumes","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/star-wars-costumes-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "STEAL-A-DEAL-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Hot Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Steal a Deal","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/steal-a-deal-6.jpg","steal-a-deal-yahoo","","This unique promotional module combines two powerful motivators known to increase conversion rates – a time limitation and an escalating discount. Buzzer Beater Deals is a completely automated tool that takes into account the number of unique visitors to each featured item. Once the visitor threshold is met, the discount percentage of the promotion increases.

    Buzzer Beater Deals randomly selects products from each of your categories that are already discounted. The product is then displayed with a countdown clock. Every unique visitor to the product page is counted and once a predetermined visitor count is met, without a purchase being made, the discount will be increased. This continues until the item is either purchased or the clock runs out. If the clock runs out, the item returns to its originally discounted price and is replaced with another product that meets the discount percentage criteria determined by the merchant.

    Buzzer Beater Deals creates a sense of urgency for shoppers by incrementally reducing the price on a single quantity item over a limited amount of time. All of the values used in the Buzzer Beater module are variables and able to be customized in the backend. This approach can be more effective than a traditional sale and help you reduce and eliminate old and overstocked product.

    To read more about Buzzer Beater Deals and see screenshots, click here to read the case study at the KingWebmaster Blog. ","","","","","Motivate shoppers to grab a great deal before the clock runs out or someone else snaps it up with Buzzer Beater Deals. " "STORE-LOCATION-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Store Locator","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/store-locator-5.jpg","store-location-yahoo","","Our Store Locator is a solution built for convenience. Directly from your website, your customers will be able to search for your brick and mortar locations or your participating retailers.

    Allow them to search by zip code with a select radius, by country, or search for a specific store name.

    Want to offer a different search option? Get in touch and we'll customize a Store Locator just for you!","","","","","Give your customers the ability to search for your brick and mortar stores or retailers directly from your Yahoo! Store. " "STRINGSANDBEYOND","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:DVDs, Music, Books:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Strings and Beyond","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/strings-and-beyond-11.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SUBUNO-FRAUD-SCREENING","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Subono Fraud Screening","","","subuno-fraud-screening","","","","","","","" "SUBUNO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Subuno - Fraud Screening for Your Online Store","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/subuno-fraud-screening-for-your-online-store-9.jpg","subuno","","Fraud Screening for Your Online Store

    Many store owners do not realize that they spend too much time calling up the customer/bank whenever there is an AVS mismatch-time that they could otherwise spend growing their business. Store owners also have no idea how much revenue they are losing because they were unable to validate orders that look suspicious because they do not have the correct tools.

    Subuno can help. Subuno is a cloud-hosted fraud prevention platform that helps Yahoo store owners reduce fraud (save money), speed up order review (save time), and increase revenue. It is done by aggregating a variety of paid and free tools in one centralized location and allow merchants to automate their order processing using selected tools. No programming skills are needed - just your business sense. On average, Subuno helps Yahoo merchants catch more fraud and speeds up their order review by 70% while reducing the number of orders that need to be reviewed by 80%.

    As an added benefit to users, Subuno's proprietary system analyzes the collective transactions from merchants for risk and emerging trends, effectively allowing store owners to indirect share data to fight fraud collectively. Don't fight fraud alone, join the Subuno Protection Network. We are stronger in numbers.

    For more information, please call us at 888-546-4932 ","","","","","Stop fraud by using Subuno. Let it help you save time and money and boost your bottom line." "SUPERIORNUTSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Superior Nut Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/superior-nut-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SUPPORT","","ITEM.","","Support","","","support","","","","","","","" "SUPPORTCENTER","Support:","LINK.","","Support Center","","","","","","","","","","" "SURRAYLUGGAGE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Surray Luggage","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/surray-luggage-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PRODUCT-INFORMATION-TABLE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tabbed Product Info Table","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tabbed-product-info-table-20.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tabbed-product-info-table-21.jpg","product-information-table-rtml","","","","Whether your products have long or short descriptions, Tabbed Product Information Tables make it easy for your customers to navigate between categories to get an understanding of each item and view related information.

    Visitors can select and view one of any number of customized tabs you've created, such as; Description, Tech Specs, Related Items or Customer Reviews.","","","Organize and categorize product information so that all the information is easy to access and pages are more user-friendly." "TACKLEDIRECT","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tackle Direct","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tackle-direct-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TAX-CLOUD","Services:Enhancements to Increase Efficiency:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","TaxCloud","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tax-cloud-15.jpg","tax-clou","","We've partnered with TaxCloud to provide a low-cost and easy-to-use sales tax compliance option for Yahoo! Small Business stores.

    How TaxCloud works

    After a customer has entered a shipping address during checkout, our Advanced Shipping Manager sends TaxCloud a request to calculate the sales tax due. TaxCloud returns that information to the Advanced Shipping Manager, and sales tax is added to the customer’s total. Once the order is completed, another request is sent to TaxCloud to capture the transaction. All the captured transactions are included in the sales tax reports that TaxCloud generates at the end of each month.

    TaxCloud Key Features: Get started today! For more information, please visit https://taxcloud.com/pricing/.","","","","","TaxCloud is a sales tax service for online retailers." "TENTOES-ORG","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Ten Toes","","","tentoes-org","","","","","","","" "TENSSYSTEM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tens System","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tens-system-12.jpg","","tenssystem","","","","","","","" "TESTITEM","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Test Item","","","testcode","","Test caption","","","","","" "TESTITEM1","","ITEM.","KWMX","Test Item 1","","","ethteh","","this is our test item","","","","","" "TESTITEM2","","ITEM.","STORETEMPLATE","test item 2","","","testitem2","","","","","","","" "TESTITEM3","","ITEM.","STORETEMPLATE.","test item 3","","","testitem3","","","","","","","" "TESTSECTION","","ITEM.","STORETEMPLATE.","Test Section","","","testsection","","","","","","testitem testitem2 testitem3 ","" "TESTFILES","","ITEM.","TESTFILES","Testfiles","","","testfiles","","","","","","","" "TEUSCHER-BH","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Teuscher","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/teuscher-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THALIASURF","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Thalia Surf","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/thalia-surf-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SIGNUPTHANKYOU","","INFO-1","KINGWEBMASTER","Thank You","","","","","","We will contact you within one business day to discuss installation and answer any questions you may have.","","","","" "THE5SSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Office:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The 5S Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-5s-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THEBODYSHOP-FR-CA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Body Shop (Canada - French)","","","","","","","","","","" "THEBODYSHOP-CA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Body Shop (Canada)","","","","","","","","","","" "THECLEANBEDROOM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Clean Bedroom","","","","","","","","","","" "THECOLLEGETOOLBOX","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The College Tool Box","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-college-tool-box-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THEENERGYCONSCIOUS-COM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Energy Conscious","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-energy-conscious-11.jpg","","theenergyconscious","","","","","","","" "THEHOUSEWARESSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Housewares Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-housewares-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THESHOWERFOUNDRY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Shower Foundry","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-shower-foundry-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THESOFTLANDING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Soft Landing","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-soft-landing-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "SPACESTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Space Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-space-store-10.jpg","","TheSpacestore","","","","","","","" "THESTORAGESTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Storage Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-storage-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THESUNGLASSHOUSE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Sunglass House","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-sunglass-house-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THETEAPOTSHOPPE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Kitchen:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","The Tea Pot Shoppe","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/the-tea-pot-shoppe-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "THETACHISTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Theta Chi Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/theta-chi-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TIGERGPS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tiger GPS","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tiger-gps-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TKEGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","TKE Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tke-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TOPDJGEAR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Top DJ Gear","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/top-dj-gear-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TOTSROOM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Baby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tots Room","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tots-room-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TRACKING-LOADER-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tracking Loader","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tracking-loader-6.jpg","tracking-loader-yahoo","","The Tracking Loader by KingWebmaster is an order management feature that allows you to upload tracking information for all of your fulfilled orders at one time instead of having to manually enter each one separately. The Tracking Loader even works for multiple packages with the same destination. Once the order information is uploaded, Yahoo! will send an email to your customers with their tracking information through your system.

    Watch the video below to see how simple it is to use. Speed up order processing and make more time for other things with the Tracking Loader by KingWebmaster.

    ","","","","","Our order tracking feature allows you to easily upload tracking information for hundreds of orders at a time instead of manually entering each one." "TRAVELLINGUIST","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Other:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Travel Linguist","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/travel-linguist-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TRISPORTS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Tri Sports","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/tri-sports-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TRIANGLECABLES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Triangle Cables","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/triangle-cables-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TRUEFAITHJEWELRY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","True Faith Jewelry","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/true-faith-jewelry-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "TURTLEMARINE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Turtle Marine","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/turtle-marine-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "US-APPLIANCE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","US Appliance","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/us-appliance-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "US-MATTRESS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","US Mattress","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/us-mattress-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "USPS-SHIPPING-RATES-YAHOO-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","USPS Real-Time Shipping Rates for Yahoo! Stores","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/usps-real-time-shipping-rates-for-yahoo-stores-13.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/usps-real-time-shipping-rates-for-yahoo-stores-14.jpg","usps-shipping-rates-yahoo-rtml","","Now you have the ability to provide Real-Time United States Postal Service rates for shipping. By default, Yahoo! only offers UPS as a shipping provider. We will integrate these options for you so you can provide all the USPS shipping options you want in addition to UPS.

    All options will have Real-Time rates both domestically and internationally..

    If you would like to add FedEX Real-Time rates in addition to USPS and UPS, you may be interested in the Advanced Shipping Manager. UPS, USPS and FedEx Real-Time rates are just a few of the 21 standard features available with the Advanced Shipping Manager.","","","USPS Rates","","Increase your customer's shipping options by offering USPS Real-Time rates in your Yahoo! Store." "USPS-SHIPPING-ASSISTANT","Services:Enhancements to Increase Efficiency:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","USPS Shipping Assistant","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/usps-shipping-assistant-12.jpg","usps-shipping-assistant","","We'll transfer your USPS-shipped orders to the USPS Shipping Assistant in a way that makes it easier for you. Go into our automatically synced back-end and export your orders to a specially formatted CSV file and we'll transfer the data to the USPS shipping assistant. ","","","Shipping Assistant","","Save yourself precious time by taking the manual labor out of exporting your USPS orders to the USPS Shipping Assistant. " "VIDEOCCTV","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Video CCTV","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/video-cctv-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VIDEO-GAME-CENTRAL","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Video Game Central","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/video-game-central-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VIDEOMOUNTSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Video Mount Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/video-mount-store-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VISIVITE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Visi Vite","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/visi-vite-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VISION-NUTRITION","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Health & Fitness:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Vision Nutrition","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/vision-nutrition-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VODAMIA","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Jewelry & Watches:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Vodamia","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/vodamia-12.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "VOGUEWIGS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Vogue Wigs","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/vogue-wigs-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WACKYPLANET","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Hobby:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wacky Planet","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wacky-planet-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WATERPROOFCASES","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Sports & Outdoors:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Water Proof Cases","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/water-proof-cases-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "PORTFOLIO-WEDDING","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wedding","","","","","","","","","americanbridal bonny joyfullcelebrations advantagebridal bridalweddingfavors bridesvillage mybridesmaidsgifts mygroomsmengifts rumors simplyweddingstuff herweddingfavors ","" "WESTERNLOGHOMESUPPLY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Western Log Home Supply","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/western-log-home-supply-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WHATSHEBUYS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Clothing & Accessories:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","What She Buys","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/what-she-buys-14.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WHOLESALEGIFTSSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Gifts:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wholesale Gift Store","","","","","","","","","","" "WHOLESALEGREEK","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Novelties & Toys:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wholesale Greek","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wholesale-greek-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WILDERNESSARTANDDECOR","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wilderness Art & Decor","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wilderness-art-decor-11.jpg","","wildernessartanddecor","","","","","","","" "WIRELESSGROUND","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Electronics & Computers:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wireless Ground","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wireless-ground-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WOOSTERSTREETMEATS","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Food:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wooster Street Meats","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wooster-street-meats-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "WORDPRESS-BLOG-INTEGRATION-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wordpress Blog Integration","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wordpress-blog-integration-5.jpg","wordpress-blog-integration-yahoo","","Have you tapped into the power of a blog for your Yahoo! Store? E-commerce blogs can prove to be virtual goldmines of fresh content that educate and inform readers. It’s a great place to showcase new products, enlighten customers or discuss products and issues related to your particular niche. There is only one catch – it needs to be consistently updated. Nothing screams neglect more than visiting a blog and seeing the most recent post is over a year old, inconsistency like that could actually do more harm than good. That doesn’t mean you have to post every day, but you should start with a posting schedule you can manage.

    Sign-up today to have a Wordpress Blog integrated into your existing website, we can even stylize it to match the look and feel of your Yahoo! Store. If time is tight and you aren’t sure you can make the necessary time commitment required to maintain a blog, we even offer blog writing services. Click the button below to sign-up or to request more information. ","","","","","Reach out and connect with your customer base while enhancing SEO when you integrate a Wordpress Blog into your Yahoo! Store." "WROUGHTIRONDECORSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Furniture:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Wrought Iron Décor Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/wrought-iron-d-cor-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "XCCESSORY","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Xccessory","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/xccessory-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "NEW-DESIGN-YAHOO","Services:Yahoo! Store Design:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo Store Design","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-design-25.jpg","new-design-yahoo","Renovate your entire Yahoo! Store with a complete custom redesign. ","Renovate your store with a completely new, custom design that reflects your inventory. We’ll work with you to go through each of your site’s pages. Then we’ll create the perfect atmosphere for your products and improve navigation around your site. From header to footer, from home page to item page, let us work with you to construct your dream Yahoo! Store.

    This package is completely custom, so contact us for a quote. ","","","Renovate","","Custom design that embodies the personality of your e-commerce
    business. " "YAHOO-CUSTOMER-REGISTRATION","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Customer Registration Setup and Design","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-customer-registration-setup-and-design-13.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-customer-registration-setup-and-design-14.jpg","yahoo-customer-registration","","Customize your Yahoo! Customer Registration to match the rest of your store. KingWebmaster will fully install Yahoo!'s Customer Registration system in your store while integrating the design to match your existing website. This will ensure that your customers will have a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. Shoppers will be able to register quickly and easily with your store using their existing Yahoo!, Google or AOL account.

    We offer both Design and/or Implementation of Yahoo's Customer Registration System.","","","","","Let us design and setup Customer Registration from Yahoo! so customers can quickly and easily create an account in your store." "YAHOO-SHIPPING-METHOD-POPULATOR","Services:Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Shipping Method Populator","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-shipping-method-populator-7.jpg","yahoo-shipping-method-populator","","Show your customers your available shipping methods and their corresponding rates when we install the Yahoo! Shipping Method Populator in your store. In your checkout pages, your customers enter the destination zip code and then choose from the available shipping methods and their corresponding shipping rates. The populator grabs its information directly from the Yahoo! Shipping Manager.

    To see what a difference the Shipping Method Populator can make in your Yahoo! Store, click here to read what one of our clients discovered.

    Please note, the Yahoo! Shipping Method Populator is a standalone feature and Delivery Estimate is not available for this Populator. If you are interested in the Delivery Estimate feature, please see KingWebmaster’s Method Populator and Delivery Date Calculator. ","","","","","The Yahoo! Shipping Method Populator is a standalone method populator for the Yahoo! Shopping Cart." "YAHOO-SITE-SEARCH-INTEGRATION","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Navigation Enhancements for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Site Search Integration","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-site-search-integration-5.jpg","yahoo-site-search-integration","","Get Yahoo! Site Search integrated into your Yahoo! Store to help shoppers get to the product they what quickly and easily. Our RTML experts will make sure the search feature functions properly and integrates perfectly with the existing elements on your pages. Your header and footer will load as they were designed to and the search results will match the theme and feel of your store.

    Shoppers will be able to:

    ** Add items directly to their shopping cart from the search result page.
    ** View search results in a list or grid layout and specify the number of results per page.
    ** Refine the search results by filters such as price, category or brand. Please note, only Merchant Solutions accounts support the filter by brand function.
    ** Search items across the whole site, or by category.
    ** Sort results based on price or relevancy.

    Studies have shown that shoppers that use site search are further along in the buying process and are more likely to have higher order totals and view more pages. Integrate Yahoo! Site Search today to invest in your tomorrow. If you would like to expand the parameters with which your customers can search, you may be interested in Advanced Search. Click here to read more. ","","","","","Let KingWebmaster integrate Yahoo! Site Search into your store so it fits with the theme of your store and matches your header, footer and other elements of your Yahoo! Store." "YAHOO-STORE-BACKEND-SHIPPING","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Backend & Shipping Solutions","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-backend-shipping-solutions-19.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-backend-shipping-solutions-20.jpg","yahoo-store-backend-shipping","Shipping solutions that get the job done the right way. ","We started with the Advanced Shipping Manager and haven�t stopped since. This selection of enhancements is full of shipping solutions from the Yahoo! Store shipping experts. Each of these features is meant to help with the final leg of your customers� shopping trip at your e-commerce store. Our features help you utilize the best way to get your products to your customers and make the shipping and check-out portions of your store more customer friendly.","","","Shipping Solutions","advanced-shipping-manager-yahoo check-address-yahoo fedex-shipping-yahoo-rtml usps-shipping-rates-yahoo-rtml delivery-estimator-yahoo-rtml shipping-method-populator-yahoo yahoo-shipping-method-populator shipping-method-blocker-yahoo product-shipping-calculator-yahoo usps-shipping-assistant ","Save time and money using these tools designed for accuracy." "YAHOO-STORE-DATABASE-EXPORT","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Database Export","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-database-export-6.jpg","yahoo-store-database-export","","This Yahoo! Store database export doesn’t just export all of the products or pages in your store; this export allows you to specify exactly what you want to export. You no longer have to export every product or all the pages in your store just to get the ones you want, with this export feature, you are able to export any of the following in CSV format:

    * Export combinations of any variable – Yahoo! variables OR your own custom variables. For example: NAME, CAPTION, CODE, SALE-PRICE .
    * PATH , aka the breadcrumbs trail.
    *IMAGE, INSET, ICON and any custom image variables can be exported. The export will contain the image URL.
    *Page TYPE, TEMPLATE and ID are also included.

    In addition to the above files, our Database Export can also export specific pages based on the following:

    *Items Only Export - the item is defined by pages that have a price or a sale-price.
    *By price range – export item pages with prices that fall within a specified range.
    *Export by TYPE/Table.
    *Export pages that use a specific TEMPLATE
    *Text Match – export pages by using a full or partial text match within any variable. For example, you can choose to export only the pages that contain the word “Dress” in the NAME variable or export all the items that begin with “xyz” in the CODE variable. ","","","","","Get more from your export with the ability to specify exactly what you want to export without having to export all products or pages." "YAHOO-STORE-DESIGN-RTML","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Design","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-design-26.jpg","yahoo-store-design-rtml","Create flawless design and function for your website.","

    Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

    KingWebmaster has partnered with EY Studios to bring you the best graphic design and programming available! EY Studios has the best graphic designers in the business. KingWebmaster has the best programmers in the business.
    You can be sure that these two teams working together will make your website stand out both visually and behind the scenes. Please contact us for more info. ","","","","responsive-design header-left-nav-footer-yahoo custom-yahoo-store-design new-design-yahoo notsure ","The design of your Yahoo! Store is the icing on the cake. It's the first thing visitors see and what they remember the most." "YAHOO-STORE-RTML","Services:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Enhancements","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-enhancements-17.jpg","yahoo-store-rtml","KingWebmaster's Yahoo! Store enhancements are created with you in mind. ","KingWebmaster’s Yahoo! Store enhancements are results driven. We have the solutions that make managing your e-commerce business easier. Store efficiency, effortless navigation and user friendly interfaces are what we strive to deliver. All of our programming is W3C compliant, SEO friendly and done in-house by RTML professionals. Solid programming keeps page load time down while maintaining the functionality you need.

    If you can dream it up, chances are you can find it here. But, if you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch with us – we love the challenge of creating customized solutions. Learn more about how our Yahoo! Store enhancements have helped our clients achieve their goals by visiting our case study page.","","","","hot-features-yahoo-store customer-experience-yahoo-store inventory-stock-yahoo-php marketing-seo-yahoo-store navigation-rtml-yahoo yahoo-store-management yahoo-store-efficiency ","" "YAHOO-STORE-MANAGEMENT","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Management Enhancements/Systems","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-management-enhancements-systems-16.jpg","","yahoo-store-management","","","","","Store Management","tax-cloud inventory-system-stock-yahoo mom-export check-address-yahoo avalara yahoo-store-backup-export tracking-loader-yahoo dealer-central-yahoo-stores yahoo-store-database-export subuno feed-wizard-yahoo yahoo-order-status empresa-merchant-services-yahoo dealer-central-yahoo-stores order-fax-yahoo-rtml 4psite-link-yahoo login-system-yahoo-rtml order-confirmation-email-rtml ","Gain control and simplify your business with these tools." "PORTFOLIO","","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yahoo! Store Portfolio","","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yahoo-store-portfolio-13.jpg","portfolio","Our Portfolio","Here you'll find we're showcasing a selection of the many Yahoo! Stores we've worked with. Some stores featured have advanced custom programming, some have unique custom design and some are utilizing our Advanced Shipping Manager or Promo Manager. We worked with all of our clients to create a solution that best fits their e-retail business, even if that meant building the impossible. Take a look around and get a feel for our work. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. ","","","","portfolio-automotive portfolio-baby portfolio-clothing---accessories portfolio-culture portfolio-dvds--music--books portfolio-electronics---computers portfolio-food portfolio-furniture portfolio-gifts portfolio-health---fitness portfolio-hobby portfolio-home---garden portfolio-jewelry---watches portfolio-kitchen portfolio-novelties---toys portfolio-office portfolio-other portfolio-sports---outdoors portfolio-wedding ","" "YESITSORGANIC","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yes It's Organic","","","","","","","","","","" "DISPLAY-SAVE-PERCENTAGE-RTML","Services:Yahoo! Store Enhancements:Customer Experience Features for Yahoo! Stores:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","You Save Display","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/you-save-display-16.jpg","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/you-save-display-17.jpg","display-save-percentage-rtml","","","","Display the difference between retail or competitor prices and your pricing to show customers that you're the best deal around. List the percentage and/or dollar amount they're saving right next to your price.

    Why not show off how much you're saving your customers in your Yahoo! Store?","","","Show your customers how much they can save by shopping at your Yahoo! Store with the ""You Save Display""." "YOURAUTOTRIM","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Automotive:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Your Auto Trim","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/your-auto-trim-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "YUMMYINMYTUMMYSTORE","Yahoo! Store Portfolio:Home & Garden:","ITEM.","KINGWEBMASTER","Yummy In My Tummy Store","https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/yhst-65096594981510/yummy-in-my-tummy-store-13.jpg","","","","","","","","","" "CSS-EDITS","","CSS.","CSS-TEMP.","","","","","","","","","","","" "KING-EXPORT-SECTIONS","","MAIN.","KING-EXPORT-SECTIONS","","","","","","","","","","","" "CSS-CONTENTS","","CSS.","CSS-TEMP.","","","","","","","","","","","" "KING-ASM","","MAIN.","KING-APE","","","","","","","","","","","" "NEWSLETTER-THANK-YOU","","INFO.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","
    ","","","","" "SIGNUPFORM","","RAW-HTML.","X2-RAW-HTML.","","","","","","","","","","","" "EXPORT1","","MAIN.","KING-EXPORT-2012","","","","","","","","","","","" "CSS-BASE","","CSS.","CSS-TEMP.","","","","","","","","","","","" "FINDTYPE","","MAIN.","KING-MULTI-TYPE","","","","","","","","","","","" "INVOICES","","RAW-HTML.","X2-RAW-HTML.","","","","","","","","","","","" "CONTACT-THANKYOU","","RAW-HTML.","X2-RAW-HTML.","","","","","","","","","","","" "NEWSLETTER-ERROR","","INFO.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","
    ","","","","" "NEWSLETTER-SIGNUP","","INFO.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","
    Email Marketing You Can Trust ","","","","" "THANKYOU","","RAW-HTML.","X2-RAW-HTML.","","","","","","","","","","","" "INDEX","","MAIN.","KINGWEBMASTER","","","","","","","","","","yahoo-store-rtml responsive-design yahoo-store-design-rtml yahoo-store-backend-shipping portfolio blog supportcenter ","" "INFO","","INFO.","STORETEMPLATE.","","","","","","","","","","","" "IND","","EMPTY.","STORETEMPLATE.","","","","","","","","","","","" "PRIVACYPOLICY","","PRIVACYPOLICY.","STORETEMPLATE.","","","","","","","","","","",""