Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Mobile Commerce for Yahoo! Stores

The proliferation of Smartphones and other mobile devices is changing the e-commerce landscape and broadening the reach that e-retailers have to maintain contact with their shoppers. Establishing your mobile site now can be a simple and cost effective way to expand your Yahoo! Store. But, the longer you wait, the more potential customers and sales you stand to lose.

Smartphone adopters use their devices dozens of times a day to pass the time when waiting in line or while on their lunch break to research products, plan activities and connect with friends, family and even brands. By allowing customers to access your store anytime and anywhere, you are opening your store up to a whole new market of customers that appreciate being able to shop on their terms.

Online merchants are presented with a growth opportunity that doesn’t come along very often. The sooner you establish your Yahoo! Store in the m-commerce arena, the more you stand to gain. It will provide existing customers with the flexibility to access your store when they are on the go and can also help to expand your customer base by attracting a new client base looking for e-commerce stores that are designed to be used with their mobile devices.

KingWebmaster is excited to be working with Unbound Commerce to bring the mobile capabilities Yahoo! Store owners need to stay on the cutting edge of e-commerce. Easily optimize your store so customers can shop regardless of the device or mobile browser that they are using.

Your new mobile store will –

**Be mobile formatted and capable of supporting all web enabled phones, including newly released ones.

**Display and automatically sync all the products that are available in your Yahoo! Store.

**Utilize your existing order processing methods.

**Allow you to easily update your mobile site with new banners and products.

Mobile e-commerce from Unbound is also compatible with the Promo Manager and allows Promo Manager subscribers to offer conversion boosting promotions to their mobile customers too. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to get your mobile site off and running.
Mobile Commerce for Yahoo! Stores
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