Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Navigation Menus

Properly placing categories and products is a key component to the usability of your Yahoo! Store. Categories and subcategories must be easily accessible while fitting in to the overall design of your frame.

Fly-Out Left Hand Navigation Menus do exactly that. When a category is selected from the left hand navigation menu, a box ďflys-outĒ with a selection of sub-categories for your shopper to select from.

Expanding Navigation Menus, also called Accordion Style, are typically located in the left hand navigation pane. As a category is selected, the sub-categories drop down below the main category heading.

Dropdown Menus are commonly used. Category headings are located across the top of the frame. As a user places their cursor over the category name, the menu drops down to reveal sub-categories.

When deciding which option to use for your Menus, donít forget to consider how you like to navigate when you are shopping online. Do some market research by asking friends and family what they prefer. The bottom line is that your Yahoo! Store needs to be neat and tidy with a user friendly layout.

You may also want to consider adding Breadcrumbs. Considering that many shoppers may be entering your site from a search engine, you need to show them where they are in your store. This can greatly increase the chances of them staying in your store. If they donít stay, they canít convert.
Navigation Menus
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