Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Sale Saver

Sale Saver will monitor your customers from the moment they add items to their cart, and will automatically save their information (with the exclusion of payment information) as soon as they type it, even if they decided to close the browser and not continue. With that information, if your customers do not return to complete their order, Sale Saver will automatically email them after a set amount of hours to prompt them to return and complete their order. We encourage merchants to use a single-use coupon that will discount the customer's shopping cart as an incentive.

Sale Saver offers the flexibility of creating different groups for different scenarios based on the value of the shopping cart or the location of the customer (country or state). This way, for example, you can ensure a customer with a shopping cart value of less than $100 will only get a discount of 5% as opposed to a customer with a shopping cart value of $200 that will get a discount of 10% or a customer in New York, who could get a discount of $5 versus a customer in California who could get a discount of $10.

The average cart abandonment rate is currently around 60% - 70% for most online merchants (according to industry publications). Don't be a part of these statistics! You have nothing to lose... no installation fees, no monthly fees, pay only for saved sales.

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Sale Saver
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