Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

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This unique promotional module combines two powerful motivators known to increase conversion rates a time limitation and an escalating discount. Buzzer Beater Deals is a completely automated tool that takes into account the number of unique visitors to each featured item. Once the visitor threshold is met, the discount percentage of the promotion increases.

Buzzer Beater Deals randomly selects products from each of your categories that are already discounted. The product is then displayed with a countdown clock. Every unique visitor to the product page is counted and once a predetermined visitor count is met, without a purchase being made, the discount will be increased. This continues until the item is either purchased or the clock runs out. If the clock runs out, the item returns to its originally discounted price and is replaced with another product that meets the discount percentage criteria determined by the merchant.

Buzzer Beater Deals creates a sense of urgency for shoppers by incrementally reducing the price on a single quantity item over a limited amount of time. All of the values used in the Buzzer Beater module are variables and able to be customized in the backend. This approach can be more effective than a traditional sale and help you reduce and eliminate old and overstocked product.

To read more about Buzzer Beater Deals and see screenshots, click here to read the case study at the KingWebmaster Blog.
Steal a Deal
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