Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Dealer Central

Tiered pricing, log-in systems, inventory management, order management compatibility- you name it, this system's got it all for your wholesale distribution business. See the description below for a full list of features.

Break through all the limitations with the extensive list of available features:
  • Placing an order is simple with Dealer Central. Dealers can input item SKUs or search for specific items, instantly view a stock status, enter the quantity they want, choose a shipping method and complete the order.
  • Set multiple price levels for each item. When you approve a dealer, assign him a price level to determine his pricing for items.
  • Instantly provide stock statuses with one of the following three messages for each item: “Out of Stock,” “Less than five available,” and “More than five available.” Choose to present with or without the number available.
  • Dropshipping is easy as Dealers can choose to use their saved shipping address or ship directly to their customers.
  • Allow Dealers to be aware of updates automatically with Dealer Central’s RSS feeds, available in XML and CSV formats. Dealers will see only what you’ve selected to show them. Choose from codes, names, descriptions, prices, images, stock statuses and more.
  • Dealers can quickly check the status of their orders from your site’s entry page.
  • Look up orders by order number, order number range, date range or PO number.
  • Up-sell by featuring items on your entry page and allowing Dealers to instantly add these items to their cart.
  • Dealers will be pending approval with an inactive account until you approve them. Once approved, they will receive an automatic account activation email.
  • Maintain full control with the ability to add, edit and delete every dealer account or order.

  • Compatibility:
    • All items in your Yahoo! Store are automatically synched up to Dealer Central.
    • Data can be retrieved by Yahoo Order Manager, Stone Edge, or Order Motion
    • Calculate accurate shipping with the Advanced Shipping Manager
    • Seamlessly integrate with Shoptivate

  • Security:
    • Access your secure SSL Log-in through a 128-bit encrypted link
    • All data is encrypted and stored on our dedicated Rackspace servers.
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Dealer Central
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