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Introducing OneSite Responsive Design for Yahoo! Stores.

You will no longer need to manage multiple versions of your store. With a Responsive Design, your store will automatically resize and adjust itself to fit whichever screen size your customer is using. Whether it is a 30-inch monitor, a 3-inch Smartphone, or anything in between, your website will fit perfectly and maintain its functionality. Most Smartphones just zoom out on websites to make them fit on the screen, which results in a microscopic website that is not intuitive or easy to use. Chances are that your visitors will leave and go to your competitors.

OneSite by KingWebmaster is a comprehensive solutions rather than a "plug-in" or a "feature"--no "hack jobs" needed! It is a technique used to build the HTML and CSS in your store, and will always be completed in accordance with HTML 5 standards.

See it in action on our sample store:

This also works in the shopping cart and checkout of your Yahoo! Store.

How to simulate the look of the store on a Smartphone in Firefox:
  • In Windows, click CTRL+SHIFT+M
  • On a Mac, click CMD+ALT+M
  • To simulate an iPhone, select the "360 x 640" preset.

    These commands will put Firefox in "responsive mode". Your customers will NOT need to do this. It is only a way to simulate the look of the site on various device sizes. You can easily resize the viewing area.


    Question - Can you convert my existing website to be responsive?
    Answer - We will be offering this in the near future. However, keep in mind that OneSite is not a feature that we can simply add to your store, but a technique used to build it. Therefore, it would require rebuilding your store either with a similar design or a new design. Also, you would need to decide exactly which features you want to work when the site is displayed on mobile phones. Although many advanced features may work on a Smartphone, not all are practical due to the screen size. We are happy to discuss your options with you.

    Question - We want to use a graphic design of our own or from another developer/designer. Can you work with someone else's design?
    Answer - Sure. We would be more than happy to do so. However, we may need to have the design slightly modified to work with the responsive code. Since the site changes size and shape, some of the elements used in the graphic design may not be appropriate.

    Question - I want a responsive design, however, I want the layout to be different than what you show in the sample website. Is this possible?
    Answer - Currently, we are only going to use the layout that you see in the example. However, small changes may be made. This will be done on a case-by-case basis. In the future, we may decide to offer custom layouts.

    What You Should Know:

    Responsive Design is not for everyone. For example: if your site is heavily customized, some of your custom features may be either impractical or too costly to convert for use on a mobile device. In some cases, investing in a separate mobile site is more cost-effective.

    Currently, Yahoo's new search function will not resize. Your customers will have to scroll left/right to see search results. Yahoo! does not give access to the search code and we therefore have no way of making the necessary changes. If you use a 3rd party search such as Nextopia or SLI, they maybe able to work with you to resolve this issue. You would need to contact them and request it. We will be happy to work with 3rd party vendors to assist in converting to a responsive design. We are currently working on an in-house solution for this. Once this solution is ready on our end, we will provide it free of charge to all of our responsive design customers.

    Please contact us for more information or to get started.
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