Custom RTML, PHP, and MySQL Programming for Yahoo! Stores
KingWebmaster specializes in custom RTML and PHP coding. In fact, our knack for creating inventive solutions for Yahoo! Stores is how we got our start.

The Yahoo! platform for small businesses is based on their proprietary programming language called RTML. While programmers may be a dime a dozen, finding a programmer who knows RTML can be harder to come by. Our programmers have solid training and strong backgrounds with real-world experience programming in this unique language. This means your Yahoo! Store will be backed by efficient, effective and W3C compliant code .

Yahoo! Store owners often find themselves contacting KingWebmaster when other developers canít offer a specialized solution - and our programmers love finding a way to make the seemingly impossible happen.

Below, you will find a small sampling of custom programming projects we have done.

-Do you offer engraving or customized products and wish there was a way for shoppers to see exactly what their item will look like? We did just that for Customers can see their changes in real-time as they adjust the text, change fonts and even colors. Try it out now.

-Do you sell products that shoppers have to frequently reorder? We built an order module for that automatically ships recurring orders. This gives your customers the option to place a single order, or to choose how frequently they would like their order to repeat. This also gives you the opportunity to encourage them to choose the recurring order option by offering a product discount.

-For , we customized the shopping cart to allow customers to assign different shipping addresses for separate items that are in the cart. This is a huge time saver - especially during the holidays. Imagine a customer ordering for 5-10 different people with different shipping addresses. Without this customization, they would have to place separate orders and check-out for each different address they are shipping to.

-Have all of your sales data in one easy to read report? We created a reporting system for that scans the orders placed in all of their stores and generates a monthly report that is based on their particular item groups Ė fraternity or sorority items. The report shows data such as how many items sold, the value of the items and other specialized information they requested.

With custom programming, the sky really is the limit and you can offer your customers functionalities they canít get anywhere else. You can also make it a little easier on yourself by improving the way you manage your Yahoo! Store.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you.
Custom RTML, PHP, and MySQL Programming for Yahoo! Stores
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