Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Yahoo! Store Enhancements

Centrifuge Inventory System

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Centrifuge Inventory System by KingWebmaster is a web-based tool that connects your Yahoo! Store to Dropshippers and Suppliers, all in Real-Time. Not using a 3rd party order management system? No problem. Centrifuge contains a proprietary inventory manager that lets you take advantage of the top features associated with order management systems. Centrifuge creates a hub of information that allows you to monitor complex logistical and reporting information from a centralized control panel, all from anywhere in the world.

Centrifuge also improves the overall usability and enhances customer experience by displaying Real-Time Stock Status right on your item pages while giving your customers the option of signing up to receive a Back-in-Stock Notification. Real-Time Stock Status gives shoppers the information they need to buy while reducing hours spent with customer service calls and emails. The Back-in-Stock Notification feature allows shoppers to enter their email address so they can be automatically notified when an out of stock product they want to order is available. This encourages them to return to your store to place an order instead of going to another merchant to order the item.

An invaluable tool for multi-channel sellers, Centrifuge communicates with dropshippers, warehouses and order management systems to securely transmit stock and order status updates directly to your Yahoo! Store. Seamless integration with top order managers such as Stone Edge, Order Motion, 4P Site Link, Supermanager and many others makes Centrifuge an indispensable tool for any e-commerce store.

Centrifuge’s proprietary Order Manager includes timesaving features such as;

*The ability to view inventory by category
*Sort inventory by name, code or quantity
*A built in search feature
*Add supplier SKUs to products
*Indefinite stock setting for easy to get items
*Set your cost for each item
*Stock reports
*Holding cost reports

Give yourself an edge over the competition by implementing Centrifuge with Real-Time Stock Status in your Yahoo! Store. Contact us today for more information or to get started.Sign Up Now!
Centrifuge Inventory System
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